Just got me some Butter...

  1. My butter blake arrived yesterday night, YAY! :flowers:

    I was surprised to find out that the leather is stiffer than my Stella, and it has pebbled leather. Not exactly the "butter" i had in mind but i love it. The handle rings squeak when i move them around (eeks) but i'm sure as time comes it will go away because the bag is so fresh and new.

    i thought it came with silver hardware but the gold certainly makes it looks more lush (looks like a cousin of the LV Manhattan PM!). Does anyone else here have a butter blake as well? On the handles where the leather of the ends are sewn together, it's white instead of yellow. A little odd i find...

    But i LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag, it's gorgeous! :love: i'll try to see if i can post pics later on tonight or this weekend, along with the others that i've gotten over the week :shame:

  2. Congrats, zoinksta! Can't wait to see your pics:smile: And I agree.. the Blake looks like a close relative of the Manhattan PM.
  3. Gold hardware. I have seen/felt several styles in Butter, agree with you they aren't as soft.

    Marc Jacobs is the creative director of LV, Manhattan PM & GM are LV's Blake & Venetia.

    Congrats on all your recent finds! I thought you were able to find Butter Blake at Nordstrom (40% off on styles in Butter, Putty, Orange, Denim; other styles in Petrol, Bordeaux, and Taupe are also on sale) as well. =)
  4. And here are the pics! First pic is more true to color.

    Pebbled leather & gold pushlocks

    And of course...the chestnut drummed satchel. YUM! :love:
  5. the butter is a pretty color. It is def. a summer color. As far as eluxury it is def for reference only. There are many instances where the product received does not describe the description.
  6. Thanks for the pics! Love the gorgeous butter colour!!!
  7. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. =)
    Love pebbled leather! =)
  8. Just saw these! Love that butter color, and you are so right that chestnut drummed satchel :heart: Great choices!!
  9. ok that's it. I need the blake in that color ;)
  10. gorgeous color! congrats.:yes:
  11. I like the satchel. Is it roomy?
  12. Oops...didn't realize i had replies to this thread.

    tayslilpretty: You can get the butter blake now from elux, it's on sale

    coachwife6: The satchel can fit all my basics, my purseket, wallet, keypouch, lipstick case and sunnies :P How's that? lol... i usually lug more around, but the satchel is a good size for running errands or shopping at the mall.

    bag.lover: Too late for PA. Oh well... :biggrin: i scored a good deal with the drummed satchel so i guess that makes up for it. Hee... now only if i can find an large MP in the color i want, that would be sweet!