Just got Jige clutch in orange!!

  1. I'm sorry about the crappy cellphone pic but I just figured out how to move the pics from my cellphone and I had to post it. I bought it last week in Denmark, where I still am. The new store here is a lot bigger and they had some selection of bags, mainly bolides (blue jean, vert anis and chocolate and one gorgeous 31cm chocolate ostrich :love: ) but they also had a 25cm blue jean (i think) croc birkin with diamonds :nuts: I could hardly take my eyes of it.

    My SA was a wonderful woman named Sumiko who I highly recommend, she wrote down all contact info for me and told me to just call or email if I needed anything and she would ship it to me. I think she felt very sorry for me that there is no Hermes in Iceland :shame: Anyway, I left the store feeling like a queen!
  2. So cute!! Saw lots of them at the mothership and loved them!
  3. :yahoo: Love it!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  4. sorry, can I ask how much it was? I am in loveeeeee
  5. Thanks ladies and hennaria, it was 14,300 DKR with VAT, or around 1900 euros give or take.
  6. what leather is it??wow, and I thought it costs around 900 euros

  7. It's Veu Epsom something :oh: and it's the larger one, around 27cm :yes: They had a few smaller ones in lizard that were TDF but to small for me.
  8. Really, really love it...came back for another look! *sigh* I need a Jige... :heart:
  9. Lucious! Can you post better pics later when you have time? I would love to see more!!!


    Good for you on the contact...maybe it pays to live in Iceland when it comes to Hermes shopping!!!
  10. Icechick - that's beautiful, so chic, congratulations
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Congratulations, your new Jige is lovely!!
  13. Just beautiful! Glad you had fun at H!!!
  14. icechick, it's beautiful! No wonder you left Hermes, feeling like a queen!!!
  15. Just beautiful! Congratulations!