Just got "it"....and now I want another!

  1. I'm soooooo excited, I just brought my new Neverfull MM home and I am loving it!!!!!!! :heart: But while I was there, I was waiting for my SA and looking around and thought maybe I should get a smallish, hand-held next....of course, after purchasing I had to take a closer look at the Small Lockit and the Small Batignolles....they are so cute!
    What would be your vote? What about the Speedy 25...too small?????
    I have to go and stare at my new bag!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. i like the batignolles more than the small lockit! but either one will be a great choice!
  3. Congratz! Enjoy!
    As for your next bag....get them all:devil:!! This way, all you have to do, is figure out which one FIRST!

    But on a more serious note, figure out which you think you will use more and/or see which ones of these bags will grow on you more & more everytime you see it.
  4. Tough choice, the Lockit is very popular as is the BH. Since you already have the Neverfull which is a tote style, I would go for the Lockit because it is a little different shape and style wise. Trust me I love the BH and suggest adding one to your collection at some point, but for some variety I would say Lockit!
  5. i like the lockit best !

    so just the normal lockit is a handheld bag but the horizontal and vertical are shoulder bags ?

    ive always wondered
  6. I vote lockit!
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Small B would be nice or the regular lockit.
    For less worry i'd go with the batignolles or speedy 25/30
  9. speedy if you don't have one. I love the 2 I have.
  10. I would go with the lockit because it's a different style than then Neverfull.
  11. Congrats!!!!!
  12. Get the speedy 25. Greatest bag ever.
  13. i have the speedy 25 in azur and mono and love. Its nice to have a smallish bag every once in a while as I usually carry larger bags. The 25 still can fit quite a bit in it.
  14. Get the Lockit. It is an icon bag and it's different in styles compared to the BH.
  15. Lockit! It is one of my next purchases.