Just got invited to the Mothers Day event at my local LV store!

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  1. I am beyond excited about this. I have been shopping at LV for the longest time and never was I invited to an in store event. My local LV just opened up a few months ago, so I don't have to drive all the way to Rodeo Drive anymore. Thank God! And the SA's are so wonderful, but the bad thing is I visit twice a month and there is always something that catches my eye. :smile: anyhow very excited about this. Did anybody else get invited to their local store event?
  2. That's so exciting!! I haven't been invited to any in store events yet. Which lv store do you shop at? Were you notified via email or reg mail? :smile:
  3. Yes, I was notified via email. I shop at bloomigdales in Glendale!:smile:

  4. I hope I get invited soon but that can get very dangerous lol
  5. I hope you do too! I know what you mean by dangerous! Lol...

  6. Any ideas on what you might purchase :smile:
  7. I was invited to the special event at my store. While the 'Rare and Exceptional Leather Goods Collection' sounds great, it's entirely too much temptation so I'm staying home where my wallet is safe. :angel:

    You'll have to share all the details so I'll know what I missed. Hope you have a blast!
  8. MsCuppycake, I don't know what I will purchase yet. It all depends on what catches my eye. ;)))
  9. TooManyWantMore, thank you! Will definitely share my experience and will let you know what you missed!:smile:))
  10. Are you allowed to bring guests? Hahaha jk I need to be on ban island soon at the rate I'm going :biggrin:
  11. Yes, you can bring one guest!:smile: I should be on ban island too! I have purchased three things since November, I think that's a little bit too excessive! Lol...
  12. OMG ok so I purchased my first bag in October... Fast forward to March I bought my wallet and Eva clutch.. And this month I've bought de cles and bag charm. And to top it off today I purchased the MC cosmetic pouch 😳 lol now that's excessive!! Omg. Even typing this I can't believe it hahaha. Yeah. I'm on ban island🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈😩😩😩😂 🏊
  13. I was invited too and I really want to go, but I've been VERY bad the last 4 months and will most likely stay home..especially since something new just came home with me today. Totally banned until the end of the year.
  14. Wow, I thought mine was excessive! You should definitely be on a ban, lol...
  15. Lillywillowbug, I totally know what you mean! I might not even purchase anything! Just going to the event is the exciting part...