Just got invited to a private LV Party!

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  1. Hi guys!

    I just received a call from a SA at the LV where I shop. She told me they are having a private party and a cocktail reception from 6-8PM on February 4th. Have any of you been to one of these?

    For those of you who have, is it worth attending? :tup::tdown:
  2. I have been to one in King of Prussia, its one of the few times I've seen LV SAs social. I'd try it.
  3. Thanks. Is the store actually open for shopping and do they show any upcoming items?
  4. Yes, we've been to several parties! They are always fun! Plus free food and drinks! The store is open to only those invited and you can make purchases! At one party we went to I was shown the Damier Eva before it was released.

    I would def go if I were you!
  5. The parties at my LV are lots of fun! The store is closed and there is a person at the door checking names against a list. Sometimes they have special items for display. It's a nice time to visit with the SA's, and of course, you can make a purchase. They always have the Moet Chandon champagne (owned by LVMH).
  6. I just got invited to a LV party at King of Prussia.... I am so excited :smile:
  7. Oh it sounds like so much fun. Do go and report back to us.
  8. Thanks for all of your replies! I think I will go--are any of you going? It is the one at Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh.
  9. Thanks for the replies... are any of you going to this one? It is at the Ross Park LV in Pittsburgh?
  10. Rae323 I just got invited to the King of Prussia LV event also. Totally unexpected I am so excited. Would love to meet other tPFers there.
  11. I been invited but I am always too busy to attend I'd say go if you can they show new items and you get to socialize with ppl who like LV.
  12. I was invited to one this past Christmas and I attended. It's worth going and the parties are fun. You can meet new people who are interested in LV, shop and of course there's always Champagne and hors d'oeuvres :tup:
  13. I received the invite to the Valentine's Event here next week
    the rose-pop invite was very cute. If you haven't been to one before
    it is a great experience to see the new items:yes:
  14. Go & have fun and shop! Our local boutique recently had one and it was lovely.
  15. This sounds great! Please go, have fun and report :yes: