Just got home from the outlet with some new goodies....

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  1. I was lucky enough to talk my sweet DH into driving me down to the outlet tonight after we got off work. Since I had heard about all these great deals they were having, I thought I really needed to go. Plus I needed to return some sunnies that I bought and didn't end up looking great on me! So even more of a reason right?!;)

    So, we just got back and I got some new goodies!!!!!!! Some for myself and some for gifts!!!!:yahoo:

  2. First up, I got two mini skinnys for gifts. Purple Patent and Green Satin. I got the purple one actually on my last trip (thought I'd throw it in here)!!


    Next, I grabbed some satin cosmetic cases- all three colors...they are all gifts too!!! I kinda of regret not grabbing one for myself!
  3. Now on to what I got for myself!!!!!!

    A FAB tattersall cashmere scarf....I LOVE it!!
  4. Can't wait to see more!
  5. And last but not least...one more gift for myself......

    My new Metallic Soho Large Hobo...I was craving some metallic in my life and this was too good to pass up!!!!



    All my new goodies together!!!
  6. Yay! Love everything so far! You didn't tell me you got all of the colors, you go girl! I snagged the purple tonight when I went...Love it!
  7. Yay- another great outlet haul! I can't wait to go tomorrow myself!
  8. Beautiful colors! Nice buys!
  9. Thanks!!!! I feel like I have my own little candy store now with all the colors! I want to keep them all!!!

    jeh3v-She said they had a ton of stuff to put out in the back too and maybe it would be out in a couple days!!! So that means I might need to be going back soon!!!!
  10. Really?! Oh no, I've been there wayyyy too much lately! Did she say what? And how much was the hobo?
  11. ^You are telling me..I'm like crap that means I have to come back SOON!! She didn't say what they had but that they had more to put out and they just hadn't had time!!! I hope it is some good stuff!! The hobo ended up being around $140!!!
  12. Not bad at all, it's gorgeous! I'm going to give them till Sunday and call :P
  13. congrats!!! love the cosmetic cases and scarf! =)
  14. I love that gold hobo. Very nice day shopping.
  15. I love everything. The colors are gorgeous.