Just got home from the Outlet in Castle Rock...

  1. I AM SO SORRY!! I don't have my camera; I am out of town, but I will post pics when I get back tomorrow...


    I went to the Coach outlet in Castle Rock tonight! I saved just a bit of money expecting to only bring home a keychain, but I got that plus...


    It is a bit bigger than the normal wristlet's that I have seen; it is made with the basket-type weaving and there are large flowers and bumble-bees on it! I LOVE SUNFLOWERS AND BUMBLEBEES!!!

    The keychain has multiple charms; a blue butterfly, purple flower and a bumblebee as well!

    I hated being away from home for so long, but this shopping trip made me feel better! I go home tomorrow, and I am SO happy!

    I will post pics tomorrow!! Can't wait to share!!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see pics-- the bumblebee stuff is adorable!
  3. Sounds great -- can't wait to see pics!
  4. So SORRY!!! I got home kind of late last night...here they are!! Click to enlarge!!
  5. Cute! I love the bees!
  6. may i ask the price on the bee wristlet I would love to get one off eBay but unsure of its pricing thanks
  7. ahh i love it! i want the bee scarf soooooooooooooo bad!
  8. I love what you bought. I have that keyfob and I have the scribble flower purse charms from last summer. Enjoy your pretty goodies!
  9. I paid $39.99 for it.
  10. Thank you!!!
  11. wow, cute stuff! Love that wristlet.
  12. so cute congrats!
  13. i love the keyfob!