Just got home from the Coach store!!!

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  1. I'm in love... :love:
  2. Gorgeous! What color is the capacity wristlet?
  3. nice set
  4. those are both really cute!!!
  5. :nuts:Beautiful!
  6. The tag says magenta. The pink optic mini skinny matched the leather perfectly, but the hardware was nickel and it's brass on the wristlet...?! So I went with the tattersall... which I like ALOT better than optic, personally.
  7. Cute purchases.
  8. Nice!
  9. ooohhh what a great color, congrats! :tup:
  10. I love it!!! OMG! I have to have that wristlet too! Congrats
  11. Love Love Love!!!! Congrats
  12. Thanks ladies!!! They had sooooo much, I was just in love. I could have done a lot of damage. I need to get paid first, lol. I'll be back this weekend, after they finish putting out the rest of the new stuff.

    Oh, and that snail...? .....tdf.
  13. Wow, that's a stunning set. Congratulations on that one.
  14. Is that the new HAMPTONS LEATHER TOTES CAPACITY WRISTLET? The website says it's in pink. I totally want to get it, especially now seeing your pics.

  15. It is, but it is definitely called magenta. I couldn't find it on the web site. The pink one on there is patent, and mine isn't. Thanks for all the nice compliments!