Just got home from Melrose MJ stores

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  1. Hey girls,

    Just got to enjoy my memorial day at the three MJ stores on Melrose...if anyone in so cal has time, I highly recommend going down there as all shoes/clothes are 40% off at the MJ store, and MbyMJ shoes are also 40% off.

    I came home with a backpack, a necktie, some gloves, some flipflops, a compact, and a bunch of random crap. :P

    As for bags at the MJ boutique, they had some patchwork stams...they weren't bad, but I just wasn't digging them as much as I'd like to. They had some bags in a royal blue, not sure how new those are, but the bags looked good, and they had a mini-stam in the royal blue that looked fab!

    Also, they had some stams with python by the entrance which were surprisingly cool! I'm not big on python, but the stam just looks good any way you slice it.

    I hope everyone else has a wonderful memorial day!

  2. Great, thanks for the heads up!
  3. No problem! Not sure if it was only for today though...all the other stores were closed. :tdown: I was gonna browse over at DVF.
  4. Were the royal blue bags on sale?? mags
  5. that would be awesome if the baby stams were 40% off! sigh :} i bet it's too good to be true...
  6. ^ topaz baby stams were 30% off at NM when I was there on thurs/fri. There still might be some at other stores if you call around. No black, only topaz, python trimmed, and goldish patchwork baby stams.
  7. You know, they said clothes and shoes, but I didn't hear them mention bags...sorry!
  8. yup, no bags.. I did a quick call around to see if any boutiques were having a bag sale but none were.
  9. Does Mj make agendas?
  10. LOL..MJ's only agenda is to take ALL MY MONEY!
  11. :P

  12. ITA! I mean, really...when are we ever going to get to wear all this stuff?