Just got home... Dooney LOVE!

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  1. so me and gayman spent an hour or so deciding what to buy, and ended with the decision of a Dooney & Bourke!


    my first purse purchase since i joined this forum...

    :wlae: i was SO excited to come home and tell everyone !:wlae:

    :yahoo: watcha think??? :yahoo:
  2. very cute! is that an all weather leather?
  3. Beautiful!! I was just looking at that bag in deep red in my local TJMaxx. I think it was priced at $159? Well worth it!
  4. i don't know how i would know if it's all weather leather... heh i wish it was but nothing on it says it was! so boo to that...

    :tender: although the leather is DELICIOUS... mmmmm :tender:

    DEEP RED oh u lucky! they only had the platinum grey, and yes it was 157 and change with tax! i like the grey though, i have a very sweet wilsons Pelle Studio italian leather bag (found a pic of one online if you'd like to see it) that is maroon so i figured a different color to the family would be nice! wee!

    i almost bought the barrel wristlet...

    AND i almost bought a white monogram somethin but my gayman said NO cuz then we wouldn't have rent lol... anywho, i hope more ppl comment :p it's my first REAL designer purse purchase in a WHILE!

  5. Very Cute.:happydance: Congratulations! You will find your bags start to multiply now:confused1: :confused1:
  6. oh ya... lol...

    multiply doesn't cover it.

    my roommate currently has a ONE PURSE A MONTH ban on my butt...

    :graucho: so April will be COACH month! :graucho:

    :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:
  7. congrats! I have it in black... and it's an adorable bag. :heart:
  8. Congratulations! :yahoo: I am glad you were successful in your hunt for a new bag! I like it a lot. It looks like it might be from their pebble grain leather line, but I am not sure. Does it say anything on the tag?
  9. congrats! enjoy your new d and b!!!
  10. Your bag is sooo pretty...CONGRATS!!
  11. I love it! That platinum gray is a neutral and a nice change from black or dark brown; a year-round color. Great price, too--it always makes me feel so good when I can get a good deal. Congratulations!
  12. :tender: *puts it around her neck and hugs it*
    smells good! :tender:
  13. Pretty purse! I am still trying to figure out exactly what I am looking for. Any suggestions. I work in a very laid back office, kind of a small city, not too fancy. Love luxury items but like comfort and classy styles. Could go from pearls to jeans and still be wearable and fashionable. Like Coach, like LV, love YSL and could use a big bag because I am fairly tall. Help!!
  14. ya know, i would honestly say do it up with Coach.

    i have a great big coach tote i got from my mother, BIG black leather, it was a 400 dollar tote.

    it's delish! the handles are big enough to comfortabley fit my arm, and it's quite a lovely leathery statement in itself... my roommate who is gay, and always has his fabulous opinion on my pursies (influenced the hot dooney & bourke i got today, hes lovely) thinks that the coach tote i have is the best purse i own, and he's right.

    Coach has classy styles and colors of all sizes, i think. i have one tiny coach purse that is signature, and the complete opposite, a HUGE tote. Versitile, Classic, and always Fresh. Their site is being rude to my computer, but if you want color, or leather, the spring collection is making me hanker for something new in my coach collection, i'll tell ya what. i'll probably go for the Hamptons Patchwork Tote, but leather always talks nice to me as well, so who knows what'll happen :tender:
  15. PS- Tod's has classic gorgous stuff, but their site is down and it's italian leather VERY freaking expensive, i'd never afford the stuff. That and Dooney, i'm in love with a lot by them as well right now... Wilsons is beautiful, and really won't ever break your budget... i have a GREAT hobo, that you would probably love.... i'll PM you more info... if i had to shove you in one direction, it'd still be Coach!