Just got first speedy, already want another one.

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  1. #1 Feb 19, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2014
    Last week I bought a DE Speedy B 35, which I love, and now I'm lusting after a monogram speedy 30! I'm tall, and while everyone tells me the 35 looks better, I want the mono 30 as sort of a special occasion bag. I feel like the 35 is too big for dinner etc. It's more of an everyday, carry everything I own bag.

    Has anyone ever gone against the advice of what "looks better" on them and gone with their gut re: size? At first I thought I'd be self conscious about being a big girl with a (seemingly) small bag but I think it would make a cute little special occasion/evening bag!

    This was kind of rambly, I think I'm just trying to justify buying another bag in such a short period of time. :smile:

    {edited to correct all my typos - clearly it's too early in the morning for these kinds of decisions!}
  2. I am in the exact same boat! I went to get the Speedy B 35 in Mono and they were out of it at my LV store, so my SA is calling me when it comes in. I was telling my husband that I could get the 30 in DE too. He acted like I was crazy, but I thought of it more like a night bag too! Glad I know I am not the only one!! I am already starting to save for the 2nd one, as the first the money is already set aside!
  3. i think the best rule is to buy what YOU like. i have never regretted those purchases. i join you in loving the speedy. it is still my favorite bag and i definitely have it in a variety of sizes/colors.
  4. Haha, I'm opposite! I'm short and 30 looks perfect on me, I use it as everyday bag. But now I want 35 to use for weekend or go out with the kids. My hubby said 35 looks like luggage on me :smile:
  5. yes
    and it is a great bag to have 2 sizes of in my eyes
    you can try save money by checking pre loved market :smile:
  6. YOU know what is best for you
    I thought I would love the 30 - when I tried them on in store I was flabbergasted to find that the 25 suited me much, much better.

    And I haven't regretted the purchase months later
  7. I think ultimately it depends on you. After all, you will be using it, not anybody else. It's a wonderful bag to own multiples of. I have owned 25,30,35 and 40 and I have adored them all! I sold my DE 35 because I loved the look of it but it was just too big for me as an every day bag, so I also sold my mono 30 and I am thinking of purchasing it in the DE to keep a variety of sizes and prints !
  8. Get what you love! I have 2 Speedy 35's, mono and de. I love them, and am now planning on a Speedy 30 de because I want to use mainly crossbody and think the smaller size would be better for that. You know what works for you!
  9. Yes, I have. With the Empreinte Speedy. I originally bought the Emp Speedy 30. Even though I had the 30 in canvas, it felt a little big on me in the store. I asked the advice of 3 people that I had with me and the SA's and they all thought it was perfect. I bought the 30 and while I loved it, I couldn't shake the feeling that it was too big. I ended up buying the 25. When I tried it on one arm and the 30 on the other, my husband thought the 25 looked much better. :Pullhair: I'm happy that I have the right size but I wish I would've went with my gut the first time. You should get the 30. You know how you'll wear it and you need to feel comfortable with it.
  10. ^^^This is great advice!
  11. I think the speedy 30 will work fine for what you want to use it for. I'm a taller girl standing at 5'10 & I love the speedy 30... I had 3 speedy 30's (long story) but I'm getting a 35 this time. LV can be very addictive! Good Luck!
  12. Update: I just exchanged the DE Speedy B 35 for a regular DE 30 AND a monogram 30. I am perfectly happy with my choices but now I am SO banned.
  13. Congrats!! Great choices.
  14. Ut Oh. ~ Welcome to the Addicted to Speedy Club ~ LOL! My most fav of all the LV's.
  15. How could I have said no?? 😊 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392930934.697646.jpg