Just got FAB deal on iconic Prada bag

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  1. So my tale of woe has a happy ending! Last month I sneaked over to the Dior camp and bought a great satchel from BagBorrowSteal. Somewhere in the UPS shipping process the box was opened and the bag stolen; when it arrived I opened the box and found a bunch of junk. Heartbreak! The kind folks at BBS refunded all costs and said they'd work with me if I find another bag I like. Well I've been eyeing the BBS outlet sale and decided to bust out and get the black Prada Fringed Tote http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/handbags/prada-fringed-tote/10288/3132/1014793
    I know! I know! It's a love/hate bag and I'll get some flak! I have to admit, my flashy side has always loved this bag but my conservative side couldn't pony up $2300 for it. Well, drum roll please, I'm getting it for $575 - the price of the lost Dior! :faint: HOORAY! Boy am I excited! :yahoo: Official pix when I get it. Am now on serious ban as that makes 4 Prada's in the last 60 days (black leather/nylon pushlock, gold belt and jeweled walllet). Will have to return 2 Juicy sweatsuits to justify this buy!!
  2. congrats....
  3. Nice! Great price on that bag!
  4. Yeah that IS a great price!!! Post pics when you get her!!
  5. make sure you post pics when she arrives!!
  6. I LOVE good prices and on bags, it's DYNO-MITE!

    Can't wait for pics!
  7. sounds like it's meant to be... pics please... ;)
  8. BBS is having some great deals this week on Prada and Gucci. I got the medium nappa stripes hobo for $745 shipped (was $2350 retail).

    Congrats on your black fringed bag! It's definitely unique!
  9. Fabulous price! It's one of those bags that was poo-poohed when it came out, but once it was unavailable, everyone wanted it, LOL! Congrats on finding one!
  10. OMG, girl, you get that bag, I Love it!!, we'll be bag twins. That pix does not do this beauty justice.

    Post pix, I'm might be the only one that looks at it, cuz the rest of the gals don't appreciate the beauty of the "Cousin It" bag!!! LOL.
  11. Glad to hear about the good experience with BBS! I was looking at purchasing a bag there, but the customer service rep could not tell me if the dust bag or authenticity cards would come with it. She said sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Did you get them with your bag?
    Congrats on the bag- I think it's great!!
  12. What wonderful customer service from B,B or S! I have purchased a number of bags from them and have always been pleased with the bags. Sometimes they come with the dust cover/authenticity cards and sometimes not. The ones I have bought have had such a good price I haven't cared!
  13. I was thinking about this but it said $975. How did you manage the $575? Inquiring minds need to know :smile:

  14. ^^^Wondered the same thing.
  15. That's the bomb! in price..hehe.