Just got e-mail from LV re: Damier Speedy lining

  1. Got this at 6:51 pm central time: "I am glad to hear that you now have a bag which you like and which works for you. In regards to the Damier Speedy lining, we certainly appreciate your feedback, and we will be sure to forward your suggestion to the appropriate executives for review. Should you need any further assistance, I would be glad to help you. Best regards, Sara Sinclair-LOUIS VUITTON".

    In case you don't get that first sentence, I told her how I exchanged my "defective" speedy for a Duomo. Now, in my opinion, this is the same as saying "blah blah blah blah blah". So, I don't know if they're really taking this seriously. I'm sorry there was no real direction given for all of you with these speedys. I did state in my e-mail to her that I knew of lots of LV customers who have this problem and were looking for a solution. I guess you'll just have to take your bags to a counter and hope for the best. Anyway, I'm putting this to bed. Good luck everybody!
  2. thanks for that texan girl, i've got one damier bag, and i didnt have any problem with it, but i'm concern in case i do buy another one it may be a defective one. i hope LV do take your email seriously. :smile:
  3. Just thought I would post the pics of my new duomo and my entire collection.
    Texas Girl's LV Collection.jpg Duomo.jpg Duomo Side.jpg
  4. that bag is just beautiful. I know i've said it already, but it really is
  5. I think they use Epiphany to answer emails. That system produces templates for responding to incoming emails, which is why the email was very impersonal. Your best bet would be talking to your SA.
  6. You were destined to have that Duomo! Congrats on a GORGEOUS BAG!!!!!
  7. Love the Duomo and your collection! :yahoo: Hopefully they will get this problem fixed!!!
  8. Thanks everybody for all the nice things you said! I really wish I could have had a damier speedy in that photo, but maybe someday. The pictures don't do the duomo justice!
  9. Im happy your situation with your speedy was resolved!. Im going to call on thursday to see what is happening with my bag. I really miss my bag alot!. This morning I was about to go find my damier speedy in my closet because it was raining outside,then I realized my Dami is gone:crybaby: . In other news.. I bought a cute Burberry baby blue candy novacheck watch today :nuts: . Im not a fan of burberry but its very cute!
  10. I loove your duomo!!
  11. your duomo is gorgeous!
  12. Thank you for posting those pictures, I love it!!! :drool:
  13. i looove your duomo!!!

    but the person who emailed you back hasnt been helpful at all.
  14. The Duomo is a wonderful addition to your collection!! I'm glad you got that instead of the Speedy...as much as I like the Speedy, I love the Duomo more.
  15. I LOOOOVE your Duomo!