Just got confirmation NM did NOT purchase "Lambskin" Jumbo classic flap in Red

  1. Hi all,

    I know there's been much debate as to whether NM will or will not be receiving the jumbo lambskin classic flap in red. I just spoke to SA at NM who spoke with her "Buyer" who confirmed NM did not order this bag. Not the Jumbo red in the new chain or old version. She said this is true for NM as a whole, not just that location. The buyer told her NOT to tell customers that the lambskin was available in the red.

    I told her that some NM stores said they will be receiving it and she said they are probably just mistaken w/ caviar. Really strange, since I have my name and CC info down at a certain NM that assured me they were getting Jumbo lambskin.:shrugs: I better take myself off that list before I get charged for the caviar.

    Glad I got the med lambskin. Well hope this info helps. Let me know if u find out diff. Might want to confirm w/ SA's that said they'll be receiving lambskin.
  2. thats so funny cause I know what I was told, they were only getting the caviar, but when I spoke to my SA she said " The thing is, that it is not caviar it is lambskin, they did not order CAVIAR" Man I guess we all will have to wait and see.. I will keep my name on all the list I am on just in case.
  3. I was told they only ordered Caviar and that's what I'm on the NM waitlist for. What I really want is a jumbo lambskin, but short of not getting a jumbo bag I'll take Caviar over nothing.
  4. I'd like either one. Thanks for the info.
  5. ^^I want this bag in caviar.