Just got burned on EBAY!

  1. Well this my first post and I'm not used to posting on a purse forum but you guys have been a lot of help for a husband trying to buy a gift for his wife for Christmas.
    I usual post on Audio Sotfware forums since I'm an engineer. so please be kind to the Nooobeeee.:shame::smile:

    To make a long story short I just Won a

    It looked real from the pictures so i went for it.
    I got it for 174.50. This I thought was a good deal and then paid for it using my Paypal.
    The Seller has great FEEDBACK as in 623 good so I figure all is good ....
    Thats when it all goes wrong.

    Then the seller sends this message to me after the fact:

    Please do not pay me for this bag. I sold it today at my store in the mall and didn't have time to remove the listing. Thanks for bidding. Seller's Name."

    This sounds like some one who did not get what they wanted for it and is reniging on their sale.

    Now I responded to that email as that was unacceptable.
    I was nice so far and have been and still I'm holding my tounge.

    The Seller has great FEEDBACK as in 623 good

    And contacted the eBay live Help,

    And have left to messages on her phone.

    I do not want the money I want the Item that I won.
    Any help would be great if anyone has any ideas or has gone through this it would be of great help to me.

    I love my wife very much and feel that I've beeen given the run arround by someone who didn't get as much as they expected to get.

    All I see is :wtf::wtf::wtf: FRAUD!!! :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    And I did try and buy one at the Macy's FF sale but there was none to be had.
    Now I still have nothing to surprise her with and I'm short on time.
    Depressed, sigh,

  2. Hey Matt, sorry about your woes, I really am. In all honesty, I think you are SOL on this one. You can report the seller as a non-performing seller but I dont think that will really do anything for you. Even though it sucks, there is nothing you can do to make the seller send you the bag. I'm sorry I couldnt be of more help.
  3. Unless she relists the bag, I don't see a way to prove that she still it. Does she have any prior negatives to indicate a similar behavior in the past? I'm still too optimistic and would be inclined to believe her story. I think at this point, it would just be better to put your energy toward finding another present for you wife. Coach may still be having its Preferred Customer Event (25% off) if you want to check that out.
  4. Ok folks I guess, the smoke is over now.
    I talked to her on the phone just now and she did indeed sell it at her outlet store.
    She got $233.00 for it there She was very honest with me.
    How ever we had a long talk about the ethics of eBay from a buyer sellers point of view.
    She was honest and very sorry for what she did. and refunded my money.
    She asked how can this be a loss to you since you got your money back?
    I explained to her that since I won a $295 for $175 I'm out $120 plus the time and now I got to try a find another one like it.
    She then understood that the way she burned me was the same as it felt when a Buyer burns the seller.
    BTW I forgave her and resolved the situation.
    This was very hard for me.

    All I ask of any of you eBay seller out there is be honest with Buyers.
    And also that the buyer be good buyer and pay for what you WIN!

    we DO NOT permit any soliciting here at all - no buying/selling/trading. If you're caught doing this, you'll be removed.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  5. Matt, you have my sympathy. I just did a search of "Dooney Bourke Safari" on eBay, and there are more than 25 listings came out. Several of their sellers rating are quite good. I am not a Dooney & Bourke expert so I cannot tell you if they are authentic or not. Please post the eBay listing links to the subforum. There are quite of Dooney & Bourke experts will be to help you.

    You should still have time to get one before X'mas. Just make sure to ask the seller send it via Priority Mail with insurance. Good luck!
  6. Thank you for your replys.

    I will put the items on the sub forum that you have mentioned.
    I did not realize that this could be this hard to buy such a item as a purse or handbag and get the real deal.
    I guess I knew about the problems of fakes and such when it comes to guitars and basses.
    But who would thunk?
    I never did.
    I real do thank all of you for your help.
    When I do get this gift for my wife and after Christmas I will have to show my wife these posts and have her join your forum!

    Just remeber that there are lot of your husbands out there that are as confused as I am about all of these things at Christmas.
    And I guess you have taught me to be thoughtful to the wives/girlfriends who are trying to buy or ask questions about audio recording equipment and guitars and such.

    BTW what type of feedback would you leave for this Seller?
    I really do believe that she was sorry and just got to many things going on in her life.

    Thanks again

  7. I also bought a shawl, paid for it straight away only to be told by the seller that they lost the shawl. They refunded straight away but there was nothing I could do. I actually believed them so I wasn't too upset. Although if this had happened to me as a seller I would have offered a discount on their next purchase.:wlae:
  8. Matt you're wrong, plain and simple. The seller made an honest mistake. If this had happened in a regular retail store, the store would NEVER owe you $120.

    Sometimes people take advantage of eBay sellers, expectiing the moon.... this looks like that to me.

    So you lost out on a bargain. wah wah wah.... There has to be some room for give and take in this world.

    You have behaved badly. How would you have acted if the shoe were on the other foot I wonder?????

    This seller was very generous in giving you her time on the phone. She owes you nothing.

    People like you make eBay the tiresome Bore it has become.

    Sometimes people in this forum are too nice with their responses.
  9. Fauve, I respectfully disagree. He expected to get the item he bid on and won. A very simple expectation that seems to be the basis of the entire Ebay system. As it is, he didn't and lost the time he could have been searching for the item elsewhere. He forgave the seller, as he noted above, and is moving on in search of the item.

    I don't think any of the responses were "too nice". In fact, I think they were appropriate for mature adults, not flinging insults but instead offering constructive comments.

    Perhaps accusing one man who appears to be new to Ebay of being a person who "...make(s) Ebay the tiresome Bore it has become." is a tad harsh?

    yyz, Kudos for trying to get your wife what she really wants for Christmas! Can you talk to my husband for a while? I realllly want a new Coach bag...:p.
  10. Hi Matt, I hope you find the bag for your wife. Also understand where your comming from, I'd feel the same as you if it had happen to me.
  11. you haven't done much ebaying lol, have you? I don't consider that a burn or fraud on eBay, lol the seller is the one out money, listing fees, final fees, etc and you got all your money back. Ok so you missed on MacysF&F, my suggestion, check out the deals&steals forum here, you are likely to find another % discount again before Christmas and find that gorgeous bag. Also, you may want to befriend a sales associate, give them your phone number and ask them to call you if they get another bag in. I am not familiar with Dooney, but I know with Coach there is a 1-800 mail order service and locator that can help you find that one special bag. Somewhere, in some store shelf in the US she's waiting for you! Hope this helps!
  12. i think your over reacting you didn't get "burned" and there was no fraud. You got your money back why are you complaining.
    and you are not owed $120 this is a perfect example of ebayer buyers who expect tooooo much
  13. Wow, don't know why this thread took the tone it did....
    Really, Matt, you're just out some time & are disappointed but life does move forward.
    Good luck finding your wife the Dooney she wants. I think if you don't find it in time for the holidays, it could as easily become a Valentine's Day gift or a birthday gift.
    In any case, welcome to the board & happy hunting!