1. ITS IN!Im waitlisted for it..yet unsure.This store is over an hour away so Illhave to ship it if I decide to take it.HMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused1:
    Im just not sure if its gonna be way too big on me(I found the MAHINA a tad too big)
    anyone seen it IRL

    Appreciate your input guys!

  2. I really think you can rock those big bags Jill...however, maybe it will be too similar to the Mahina????
  3. I've only seen the pics on here I liked the lookbook pics when it was stuffed but didn't like a later pic that showed it unstuffed I'd have to see it IRL to make my final judgement

    You can still send it back if you don't like right??
  4. ohhh I would like to see what this looks like too .. if you are unsure then I would pass on it:yes:
  5. Cant wait to see pic's ...
  6. go for it! the mahina xl isn't really too big in my opinion.
  7. I saw the black denim XL IRL yesterday! Wow! It is absolutely gorgeous and it has a matching Amelia wallet too! It is a tad too big, at least for me --- similar to the Mahina XL. Lots and lots of room! LOL But it does have a nice structured bottom to it, unlike the Mahina. I was able to put it on my shoulder with no problem at all.
  8. Awesome. Since it's denim, it'll be soft and won't look very bulky.
  9. YES GET IT and please post lotsa pix!!! lol if you decide that you don't like it, you can always exchange/return it.

    Thanks for the awesome description!

    I'm really looking forward to this bag and maybe it'll replace the choice for the neo cabby (of the three choices in my sig) lol, I hope it'll be STRIKINGLY GORGEOUS lol so that it'll put an end to my confusion....:p
  10. oooh yay !i can't wait to see this one
  11. The bigger the better!
  12. Woww... would love to see some pics.
  13. Hmmm....I'm not loving it because it's a little too big one me, but I'm sure you can rock it, Jill! You always do!!
  14. go for it!
  15. I want to see pics too!