Just got bit by the cerises/panda bug...

  1. I know, it took me long enough to start liking these lines! Seeing the cerises makes me smile, and I love how the panda is on the front and back!

    I think Cerises is from 2005, when is the panda from? And how long were they available, when were they discontinued?

    Which one is more limited in distribution - cerises or panda? Which one do yo prefer?

    So far, I've seen:

    - cles
    - pochette
    - speedy 25
    - a toiletry bag (saw it in the "Cerises club" thread)

    - cles
    - pochette
    - agenda
    - vavin pm
    - some sort of jewel box (saw it in the "panda club" thread)

    Are there any other pieces?

  2. Panda was 2004.

    This little guy is very cute, just got the pouchette and love it
  3. ^ Thanks!

    Any more info would be greatly appreciated!

    I also found:

    - round coin purse
    - long zippered wallet

    - long zippered wallet
  4. panda short wallet.

    so cute
    love the panda but!
  5. + panda trotteur
    + cerise bucket

    i like panda much more..it's something about fruits and LVs..that i don't really admire..
  6. already posted
  7. i'm with ya! i want a cerises pochette- just waiting for the right one to show up on eBay
  8. There is also a cerises sac plat. I almost got this several months ago when they still had one left in the store, but I lost out due to my indecisiveness. Probably not the most practical bag for my anyway. I got bit by the LE bug too. I did however get a new panda pouchette a couple weeks ago from the Lv in Houston and he does have the cutest the panda booty.
  9. Congrats lol! I love them both..I only have the Panda pochette but I'd love to have the Vavin.
    Of the Cerises, I have the pochette, speedy, PMR and Cles.
  10. the panda jewel box is limited to 200 worldwide so it's super rare and expensive.

    To me, the hardest panda item to find was the panda rond (round coin purse), and i had to pay a high price for my one!

    The panda range was limited to japan only, but some items filtered though to the US market, while the Cerise range was available world wide, but was still limited to one year.


    PS: i think most people here have the panda pochettes, while in the Cerise, you'll find ppl have a larger range ie: speedy etc

    i only have the cerise rond (round coin purse), as i think it's OD on the cherries on the other items, but in the panda, i have the pochette, cles, rond and jewel box.

    Also, there was a jewelry range for the murakami characters - so you could panda, onion man or flower hat guy pendants in 18ct white gold that was encrusted in precious and semi-precious stones. but the were EXTREMELY expensive. ( i enquired about it when it came out and i think it was around $40K Australian dollars or something ridiculously high for a pendant)