Just got back with a Damier 25

  1. Some saw my earlier posting about going to the boutique tonight. I (surprised myself) decided on a Damier 25. Thank my boyfriend for the gift.

    Just want to say I really appreciate the info and input here. Everybody is so wonderful!

    LV wishlist growing.....
    DSC03929.JPG DSC03933.JPG
  2. Very nice; congrats! I love all the balloons on the floor, too! : )
  3. Thinking of adding a scarf or charm.
    Any suggestions?
  4. Congrats!!!! looks great on you. I carried mine today..love it!
  5. CONGRATS - great choice! Love the damier speedy!
  6. They are from my b-day. My bf had ballons all over the apartment. I kept them everywhere still.

    Thanks! You recommended Damier 25. I did it!:idea:

  7. wow it looks so fresh, new and crisp haha.. was it someones birthday? -->hence the balloons on the floor? If so, congrats!
  8. congrats, i'm sure you'll love it!
  9. I want one of those:smile:
  10. congrats! great choice!
  11. Yummy. I love the Damier Speedy.
  12. Congrats! it looks great on you!
  13. I am so jealous! Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  14. Looks so good! That 25 is the perfect size for you. Congrats!!
  15. love the speedy, it really suits you!