Just got back from Woodbury common and look what I got....

  1. I went to the Gucci boutique and they had tons of stuff and more coming in.....

    This is what I found for me:
  2. Congrats! Great purchases!
  3. Nice bags and shoes. Just curious how much you paid for the thong and belt bag? I got the belt bag at when the sale just started. just wonder how much it is now. TIA.
  4. The belt bag was $239 and the thong was $209. The Grace bag was $639 down from $1585.
  5. oh my! those are absolutely TDF!

    what size are you? if your thongs are a 9.5, then better keep them away from me or I'll snatch them from you!

    the prices are so great! those thongs are on sale here for around $300. and that boston is being sold at full price! darn. great purchases! congrats!
  6. OMG !!! I hope they still have the belt bags in pink when I get down there (end of July). I've been looking for one forever !!!
  7. Thanks...those thongs are 7.5 but I normally wear a 7 so I don't know if Gucci runs small. and Yes the grace boston is an amazing deal...I just love it! very versatile!
  8. The day I went she said they only got 3 that day and I snatched one up. She says they get them once in a while but they just fly out of the store REALLY quickly.
  9. congrats on your great deals!
  10. Wow congrats! *looking forward to being up at Woodbury this weekend* :biggrin:
  11. Congratulations!!! what a great deal!!! Happy for you :drool:
  12. now I wanna go to woodbury!!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Omg mona, you lucky gal!!!! Such fantatstic loot, CONGRATS!!!!!
  15. Model your new bag!! =) I want to see how it looks when being carried. I loveee it.