Just Got Back From Vegas

  1. I did not buy anything from Chanel but checked out the boutiques at the Wynn, Saks, and Belliago. I saw every bag just about. I was so excited to see them all I had to try them all on. They had some on sale, a patchwork bag for around 1000, and a few basket weave type bags in pink and black for around 1000. I saw a reissue cell phone case in white on sale for $500 gasp but I did not buy it because it was too small for me to put anything in. Also many beautiful shoes on sale and some gloves on sale as well. I loved the new cruise bags.

    My bf said they sa and guard were following me around and fixing all the bags and I knocked a few over that was embarressing but it was so fun!!!
  2. Sounds so fun--I would rather shop than gamble!
  3. Isn't that what the SA and guard get paid for ;)
  4. Sounds fun! I just won a trip to Vegas though my work. I can't WAIT to go shopping!!

  5. haha yea but i guess they were nervous acting at bellagio cuz i picked up and tryed on every single bag woooo

    what fun.

  6. ooo congrats!!

  7. yep me tooo but i won 400 on slots pissed it all away on shoes hahaha

  8. Totally what you should do! Vegas sounds like so much fun. I'm totally trying to convince my DH to go. But he doesn't think he can win as much as I can spend. :rolleyes:
  9. I want to go to VEGAS!!!!
  10. my parents are headed to vegas next weekend and i asked them if they could stop by the chanel store and look around for me. i didnt know they had one at the wynn!
    did you happen to see any ballet flats or the cambon bowler bag, those are my favs right now??
  11. :lol::lol::lol:
  12. I just got back from Vegas too! I also went to the Chanel in the Wynn, Bellagio, and Saks. Maybe I saw you there BQueenGirl.:smile:

    They had so many bags in stock, especially at the Bellagio Chanel. But, I only bought a pair of sunglasses.

    Natalie34 - I saw a variety of Chanel ballet flats (all black, black & brown, white & black). I hope your parents find what you want.

  13. that is sooo cool

    yes natalie they had a variety of cambon flats and I saw a few bowlers, mostly black/black. There were some messangers too.
  14. what kind of messengers??
  15. Sounds so fun! I need to go to Vegas soon! Glad you had a great time!