Just got back from Vegas!

  1. Made sure to show my husband what a LV speedy 30 looks like and crossing my fingers in hopes to get it for christmas...but i'll be happy w/whatever he gets me

    also really loved the jo malone honeysuckle & jasmine lotion...damn that smells good!

    we saw Cirque de Soleil Mystere, and the body exhibition

    it was like low 60's there....much better than then 30 degree weather here in ny
  2. sounds like a fun trip!!

    extra cross those fingers for the LV

    cirque de soleil is awesome, we saw La Nouba here in Florida.
  3. Oh I love Cirque de Soleil and Vegas ... hubby and I went to see Zumanity last month, kind of weird ... liked Mystere and Ka better! Hoping to see "O" and the beatles one soon!
    I hope you had fun and that a "speedy" will find itself under your tree {crossing fingers} for you!
  4. I love LV too. We go at least 1x a year and my shopping buddy and I are planning a May 2008 trip. I'm still paying off our Sept. 2007 trip!