Just got back from the store...

  1. I didn't end up getting as much as I thought I would get with my PCE card but I still got a few goodies AND my SA gave me back my card so if I really wanted to I could go back again... :graucho:

    anyway.. I got the bleecker leather wristlet in wine and a BCRF Heart Charm for my friend for xmas and then my bf bought me the legacy stripe ponytail scarf :love:

    sorry only stock photos the actual ones are sitting under the tree already ;) :nuts: :p

  2. I love those purchases! Isn't wine divine? hahahha no rhyme really intended but it works...
    I love the legacy stripe twilly as well. So adorable.

    Enjoy them all!!
  3. the legacy pony tail scarf is great! i wore mine to school the other day and got so many compliments, you'll love it!
  4. Enjoy all your goodies! Congrats!
  5. You got some extremely cute accessories, I am loving the BCRF heart charm.
  6. I have that Legacy stripe ponytail scarf tied onto my chocolate Leigh - its sooo pretty! Congrats - love that wine wristlet too!
  7. Beautiful haul!!!
  8. nice make sure you act surprised when you open them too....
  9. Thanks everyone!!! I can't wait till xmas!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats, great purchases...the Legacy is TDF!