Just got back from the outlet...

  1. It was my first time and I got some amazing deals. :heart:

    My favorite:
    $298 marked down to $119.99! It was the only one in the store. Someone returned it and they put it out while I was there and I snatched it up!

    I also got this ipod case for only $15.99!

    And a collar for my dog Preston for $29.00. :love: It's a little big, though, so I need to exchange it for the next size down.
  2. Nice stuff! Love that bag. Your dog is very handsome in his collar!
  3. CUTE! Congrats!
  4. Very nice stuff! Cute dog too.
  5. What a haul! You and doggy must be very happy :biggrin:
  6. I have that rhinestone one! It's so pretty!
  7. Congrats!! :yahoo: I love that black bag, it's gorgeous!

    Your dog is adorable!! LOVE the collar!
  8. i almost bought my dog a collar for christmas! i didn't thinkmit would look right! now i am kicking myself! (it was on super sale)
  9. :yahoo: I LOVE that bag!! I was trying to find one this summer to take to a wedding and no luck...You're such a lucky girl!! Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  10. hey bethy,

    i just order two dog collars for my dogs too !! i'm an animal lover,so i think the collar is the best ! lol !

    Your fan,
    cha cha
  11. The evening bag is gorgeous, I've oogled that crystal buckle many a time. Use it in good health throughout 2007 and beyond!
    Your dog is so handsome & looks great in that collar.
  12. Congrats on your great finds. Your dog looks fab in his collar.
  13. I"ve been looking for a new iPod case, but haven't made it down the the outlet yet. (It's like three hours away!) Is that a mini case? It's so hard to find them these days!
  14. Cpngrats!! Everything is gorgeous, and your puppy is adorable!
  15. wow ur puppy sure is handsome.

    i also love that bag.