Just got back from the outlet ....

  1. Thanks!! It's the perfect size. I'm keeping the side tabs open so in sure that helps..
    Good luck on the fob..
  2. Thanks!! I decide to put them on my black Sophia.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Changed fobs
  5. Getting ready for her outing
  6. Car ride all stuffed
  7. Congrats & enjoy!!
  8. Beautiful bag, so cute with this fob! I was a good girl & returned my domed satchel for the shell Laila, but with your cute pictures I'm missing her!
  9. Great buys! Enjoy!
  10. Cute bag! I'd be all over it if it was just a tad bigger....but I love it!
  11. I hear you, though it does carry a fair bit without feeling jammed in there the size itself could be a tad bigger for appearence.


    Why did you return yours??
  12. Have I said how much I love this bag.... Still carrying it:smile:
  13. Aaaaaaah you're making me even that much more excited for mine!!!!!
  14. Awesome :biggrin:
  15. I love my denim domed satchel too. I moved in the day I brought her home and haven't vacated her yet. She's just so pretty and summerly looking.