Just got back from the mall

  1. I only went there to pick up my new glasses from Lenscrafters, but remembered that they opened the New coach(across the hall from the older one)
    It's HUGE!!!! So I was so excited to go and check it out and my favorite SA was there. I started to look at different bags to replace my extreme lust and then disappointment over the Leigh. The Chocolate Ergo Tote is such a lovely bag!!! But I dont think can do another open top bag like that. So she showed me one of the new Hamptons carryalls. And I totally fell in love. So I think this shall be my next bag. I know I know, I said I was on a ban until December PCE but I just have to have this.... TOMORROW LOL.
    But she did say something about them having the Large Ergo Hobos in PUNCH available to order, so I might save that for PCE.
    But here's the Hamptons, the picture does NOT do it justice. But I'm debating if I should get it in Brown or Black.

    And I didn't want to buy the bag w/o consulting the SO first, but I couldn't leave the store empty handed. So I bought a new mini-skinny. :yes: (which for some reason isn't on the usa site)

    And I couldn't even tell you how, but word got around that I had a belted Ergo hippie from the Japan website and the SA wants me to bring it back tomorrow so she can see it. lol

    soooo tomorrow I shall have a new bag and you will all get pictures!!!!!:tup:
  2. Yeah!! Glad you found something you love to replace the empty spot in your heart where Leigh used to be!!! Punch Ergo, huh? Can't wait to see it!!
  3. YAY!!!! I am soooooooooo excited for you!!! Cant wait to see your pics tomorrow!!!!
  4. Yes!! Your getting one of my very most favorite bags! You will absolutely L:heart:VE the carryall. Its waaaay comfy!! Cant wait to see pics!!:yahoo:
  5. did you order the green/zebra carryall???? thats beautiful!!!!!
  7. I HAVE to hear more about this punch ergo!!!
  8. I can't wait to see these new Ergos! Maybe I can get one for my birthday next year...
  9. Do you live in MI?? I saw your signature about buying red wings tickets!!!
  10. I need to see modeling pics when you get it. I love this bag too!!!!
  11. yay! beautiful bag!! :yes: And.. Did you say PUNCH?!?!? :drool: :graucho:
  12. The Hamptons Carryall is the same bag I want right now and I'm having the same problem...brown or black???? :girlsigh:
  13. ditto!!! Did your SA say that it was khaki/punch or punch patent? Would LOVE to see this....:yes:

    Congrats on your new bag coming!!! Of course pics when you get her will make me very happy!! Love looking at all the lovlies!!:girlsigh:
  14. Love them both!

    I've been wanting to get a mini skinny too! But! T_T
  15. PUNCH ergo hobo? I AM SO ORDERING THAT!!!!! OMG!! :heart:

    Adorable bag. I can't wait to see pictures when you bring your new baby home tomorrow!!!!!