Just got back from the LV store!!!!

  1. :graucho: Well, I talked my dh into taking me to the LV store tonight to look around for Christmas presents. I really wanted a checkbook cover and took the suggestions of some of the ladies on here to use the pocket agenda! My dh decided that he would buy me the damier pocket agenda!!! Whoohooo. Ok, he did mention something about it could be part of my Christmas present, but said I could just go ahead and use it. The SA told him that she'd see him in a couple of months, since she knew I'd be sending him back for MORE!!!!
    I'm so excited!!! :love:
    damier checkbook2.JPG damier checkbook inside.JPG
  2. Congrats!
  3. beautiful...
  4. Awww!!! What a sweet DH.

    And mMmm damier!
  5. congrats!
  6. Very sweet DH...congrats!!!
  7. Congratulations!!!!
  8. congratulations
  9. That is really sweet of him! I also bought my mom the epi pocket agenda for her birthday! Congrats!
  10. We ALL so love the sweetest DHs!!!!!! Their the best!! Congrats!!!!
  11. So sweet, congrats!
  12. :nuts: Congrats!!!!
  13. LOL... It TRUe!!! So Sweet:balloon: Congrats!!

    I know its so late to be asking but what does DH stand for? I have been presuming "dear hubby" but i'm not exactly sure ...:shame:
  14. very lovely...congrats!!
  15. Congrats!!