Just got back from the Lee Outlet in MA

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  1. wow were there some good deals. my bf and i were up around there picking up a car and we took a wrong turn that took us to lee...right off the highway (where we had to turn around anyways) was the Lee outlet that i had heard so much about (because it sells coah signature items) so my bf stopped for me and OMG the deals were awesome. and they had some of the bags that are still online. i didnt have much money with christmas comming up an all (im trying to save) but i was looking for a wristlet for a while (i use to have like 10 of them bust sold them...i regret it now...theyre just such a perfect size) anyways...i got a mini signature lurex wristlet reg. 58.00 the sign said $34 which i was like whoa great deal, my bf was like "is that all you want, ill buy it" so she rang it up...$27.50 and i was like...allllllright im gettin another. i got a khaki and a black. i was sooo excited.

    they have a lot more great deals so def check it out if youre in the area.

    lol. if i had known he was paying i woulda grabbed more stuff. lol. hes a sweetheart though. for my birthday last month he bought me a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 (well i ordered it from LV, he paid) lol.

  2. What a sweetie and such great deals. Congrats!
  3. Sounds like a really great guy & excellent deal. I love it when you think it's a certain price, go up to pay & it's even cheaper. Congrats!
  4. your guy's so sweet :yes: mine's a scrooge when it comes to shopping! but when it comes to travelling and eating, he's such a darling. he's all out to that type of splurging.
  5. your boyfriend is the sweetest! pictures? a very auspicious wrong turn!
  6. aww congrats!!! thats such a good deal!!
  7. Congrats!!! Sounds like a great deal. Pics???
  8. OMG I'm callign this outlet now! I'm going crazy trying to locate this wristlet!!!!!
  9. The Wrenthem outlet in MA? If so...I guess I am going there ASAP!!!
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Not Wrentham, she went to Lee, I've actually been to both this month! The one in Lee does have a lot more signature items, just went to Wrentham yesterday and it seems Lee has much better prices.
    Oh - and sorry, yes, Wrentham did have those wristlets!
  12. hrm....well now I just have to go to Lee AND Wrentham
  13. Hi - Newbie here!

    I'm soooo glad to hear there are some good deals to be had at the Lee outlet...actually heading up there with my mother on Sunday! Never been up there actually, I always hit the outlet in Clinton, CT...but they RARELY have signature pieces.

    *doing happy dance*