Just got back from the Coach Store....

  1. Ooooh. It's sooooo cute. Here is an opening pic. You wouldn't believe the trouble I went through to get this.
    Bag Pic.JPG
  2. ahhhh what is it K2? c'mon don't tease! haha... is it a wallet or a cos. bag?? Looks about that size....
  3. Smaller.
    Bag Outside.JPG
  4. hmmm... a keyfob?
  5. OKAY... We :whistle: are waiting
  6. Okay fine. I got the elephant and bumble bee keyfobs. The SA couldn't find the bee in the Coach system, she had to call JAX with the style number to get it. Good thing I brought a picture with the style number with me.
    Bee and Elephant.JPG
  7. lol i knowww just bring it out!!
  8. Here is a quick pic of all my animal key fobs. I also have the pig, but technically it is a charm so I didn't include it in the picture.
    Whole Menagarie.JPG
  9. Love Them Love Them Love Them!!!
  10. What a great keyfob collection! Congrats on your new purchases!
  11. They are so cute!!!!! I love the bee!!!!
  12. Cute!! Love them!
  13. I love the angry eye that the bee has. He really looks like he is about to sting someone.

    You can't tell in the photo, but the leather that they made the elephant out of is a kinda pebbly soft leather. Very much like elephant skin, but on a tiny elephant.
  14. They are all so adorable, great collection:tup:
  15. Awwww the elephant is too cute! Congrats!

    All your animal keyfobs are TDF... absolutely adorable!