Just got back from the COACH store w/a couple accessories...

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  1. So, I was going into the COACH store with the intention that I could order the Sabrina (in the teal), but was told if the bag is on backorder or if the bag is brand new and hasn't even hit stores yet that I can't use my PCE on it and would have to pay full price, so there went that out the window... I wasn't interested in anything else, so I just decided to get a ring and a keyfob, I'm happy because I'm just going to wait for the fall/winter stuff to come out, don't want to buy a bag and then have to return it...

    Pics taken w/camera phone (not the greatest)
    Introducing my bulldog keyfob... Love it, he's so cute!


    Then here is my mini heart ring I got... I was eyeing this when it first came out, and finally I just decided to buy it... LOVE IT! Style #94247
  2. cuute! I'm hitting up southdale tonight. I think I'm going to get the peace sign fob or the peace multi fob. not sure yet
  3. That sucks, I can understand the backorder thing but if it is available to order than you should be able to order it.
  4. Darling ring and fob! I'm hitting up the boutique today (and possibly Macy's) for some accessories, too. But I'm in California so mine isn't even open yet, lol...gotta wait another hour...and the anticipation keeps building...:nuts:
  5. well I can order it technically but wouldn't be able to use my PCE on it..
  6. I ordered the black with my PCE yesterday and I am going back to order another today. They didn't even question it.
  7. Hmmm thats weird... I don't know then? The SA that I spoke to said since its not on in stores or whatever I couldn't... I wasn't gonna sit there and argue with her... I was just like 'ok' forget it, KWIM? I didnt want any other color in the Sabrina anyways except the teal...
  8. They kind of lied to you... You can't preorder/backorder anything on PCE, and the reason is the way they have to order it is different than the way they process normal orders. However, you can certainly order ANYTHING that is in JAX that's available for your store to order. That even includes the Legacy Boutique items that happen to be sitting at JAX. Any of these items that are not on the exclusions list, you can order them. It's just that right now the large Sabrina I don't think is available till the weekend, and from what I was told, not in the teal yet. The only non neutral color that I know of in the large is berry at the moment. There's a small magenta one too. Anyway, the Madison line is NOT excluded from PCE. Once these bags hit the system as orderable, then you can use your PCE. Don't let them tell you otherwise!!

    Anyway, CUTE purchases!! I love the charm and ring!! ENJOY!!
  9. very nice purchases!
  10. Thanks baglady... unfortunately since I used my PCE already I can't use it again... but you know what, thats ok because I will have to see the Sabrina IRL and decide if I really want it, if I do, then I guess I'll have to end up paying full price for it... (the teal one that is)
  11. If they told you wrong then they should allow you to reuse the PCE but I don't think the teal will be available by the end of PCE anyway. I agree with you about seeing it in person. I can't decide whether I like this bag or not. I thought I might order the large Sabrina and see, but I changed my mind again!:P
  12. very cute! I'm going today and probably just buying that bully keyfob. :tup:
  13. cute!! i like that ring, its adorable! i can't wait to come home with my PCE purchases, i'm going today. Oh did you get to smell the new scent?
  14. CoachGirl12...did you go to S'dale? That's where I went last night and couldn't use PCE on Sabrina either! I mentioned in another post that I told them "it's out there" and others have ordered it and she said it isn't available! Anyway, they are at least consistent with the bad customer service!:cursing: I am anxious to see it IRL too...I THINK I will like it, but it's OK if I have to wait for it, I guess...BTW, I like the ring and key fob you got!!:tup:
  15. cute ring!! sorry about your sabrina...maybe next time