Just got back from the Boutique!!!

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  1. Everytime I go to the store, the SA's make fun of me, becasue I walk from one corner of the store to the next and all over, so I'm always in there for at least 45 mins trying to make up my mind on what I want.

    I had intentions of going there to order the new Slim Carly, which they had in stock, my store got all of them except the blue. She said NO ONE got the blue ones, strange. But after trying it on and contimplating, I'm really not a fan of the big C's. And with a slouchy shoulder bag like that I tend to put waaaaaay too much in it, and it ends up being a lot heavier than neccesary.

    But I couldn't walk away empty handed.

    So here's my new Beauty!!!!1

    The Gallery Signature Tote in CHOCOLATE!!!!!

    Pretty pretty boxes!!

    Tattersal ponytail scarf


    The inside is Lavender, it's so nice!!! :heart:

    (Zoey helped me open the boxes)

    And a modeling Pic....

    And the best part it, SO loves it too!!!!!!!!
  2. sooo cute! I just got that tattersall ponytail scarf for my birthday the other day and I cant wait to wear it out! and i love the interior of your bag! who knew? they should really show interiors on the website
  3. Gorgeous! Sorry you didn't enjoy the Carly, it's not for everyone. The gallery tote and the scarf are so lovely!

    I had that scarf at one point but returned it because of a snag in the silk. I think I want it again now! :love:
  4. oh geez, you can see all my gossipy magazines shoved under my nighttable, ignore those!!!
  5. Nice haul!!! Can you tell me if the slim Carly stands on it's own?
  6. I think someone (Mommyville?) said it doesn't seem to stand on its own. I'm getting my slim leather Carly this week so I can let you know in about a week.
  7. Congrats on a beautiful bag!! I think I like it better than the Carly! (don't shoot me!)
  8. Did you have to ask them to put them in boxes? I would love to store my bags that way but they never give me boxes. :sad:

  9. I asked for the boxes but I also asked if I could call jax and order some to store all of my other bags and she said to come back after the holidays and they would give me some.
  10. Great buys! I love that lavender lining in the gallery tote. It's like a special surprise each time you look into it!
  11. :dothewave: Wowwww!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the bag that I ordered!!! But I ordered it in khaki/red, and is pink inside! I love the lavender in yours! Is a wonderful bag! :tup: And it is the ponytail??? I want it!!! You will put it in the bag? Please don't forget show some pics!!!
  12. congrats!!! its a beautiful tote and most importantly it is looking very nice on you. i am also thinking of getting it in black.which size did u get? it seems medium to me
  13. Thank you!!!! You just made up my mind. I've been going nuts trying to decide on a bag and this is one of them. Im going to get it in khaki/red!
    Woot woot!!:woohoo:
  14. Great choices!
  15. gorgeous!!! Great choice!!! Better to get what's right for you than what's popular!!! :yes: