Just got back from the boutique...need advice!

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  1. So, I went in to Holt's this morning to 'beat the price increase'. I was so indecisive...thought going in that I wanted a Damier Speedy...analized and looked at everything that was on my wish list.

    My final decision for this trip came down to the MONO Canvas Lockit and the Damier canvas Marais. I chose the Marias since I went there looking for something in Damier. Now I'm second guessing my decision. I just realized that the Epi leather lockit is the same price as the Marais...I'm wondering if that would be a more practical/functional bag???

    Any thoughts/advice?
  2. The Marais is a nice bag but a lot of people who have it complain about the rigid base.

    lol "analized"- sounds painful :p
  3. Hmm tough call. Depends on what you like and what you're looking for.

    If it helps, I have the Damier Canvas Marais and I love it. I can wear it on my shoulder and it has a nice organization on the inside. It is also VERY durable. BUT it is an open bucket. So if you aren't comfortable with the open bucket then maybe the Epi lockit is a better fit and if you don't mind holding a hand bag vs a shoulder bag?

    Also, I don't have anything in Epi leather but I've heard it scratches easily?
  4. What about the Mono Canvas Lockit? I'm really thinking of exchanging for that one...but the bare bottom ;) worries me.
  5. I think the mono canvas lockit is adorable!

    But again, if you're worried about the vachetta, then you're looking at vachetta handles and as you pointed out the bare bottom! :smile:

    I don't find the vachetta on the bottom of the bags ot be that much of a problem. I have a Petite Noe in Mono and that has a bare bottom too! I tend to take care of my bags though (watch what I put them down on etc...), so the bottom of my Noe still looks good.

    But I must admit, I LOVE my Marais that much more because I don't worry at all about where I put it down.
  6. I vote for the Lockit in Mono. It's such a great style. I used to really stress over the vachetta bottom. You should be careful in the beginning but once it patinas, it will look great - stains, smudges, and all!
  7. I used my Lockit today when i picked up my tivoli SA thought it was brand new, told her it was a year old and she was amazed. Only thing i do is i am careful where i put it down. Think until my 3 new babies it was one of my favorities
  8. How about getting the Damier Speedy since it was your original wish list and the Epi Lockit? Yup, definitely go back and look at more bags ...
  9. The bare bottom is very hard to keep clean. I agree why not get the Damier Speedy? I love the Speedy ,if I was buying a Lockit it would be the Suhali!
  10. I say you should get the epi locket, its a great bag and doesn't scratch very easily and you don't have to worry about vacheta.:tup:
  11. I would go for the Epi Lockit. :yes:
  12. get whichever one that's more pricey =P lol since if price increase is the same for almost all the bags it's more worth it that way.. but my personal opinion would be to get the lockit horizontal in either epi or monogram.. if you are a more mature lady, i think the epi would look better because it's more classy and well-made (i hope nobody takes this as an offense), the monogram is more canvas the epi is leather... or so i believe?
  13. I'd go for the Epi Lockit. Such a classy bag.
  14. I love the epi lockit but it is quite small. When you go shopping again ask to put your stuff into the bags on your short list to see how they fit. And I think you will love any of the bags on your list, they are all great bags!
  15. I thought I loved the speedy but honestly, the unstructured bottom didn't do anything for me :shrugs:(sorry to the speedy lovers:sad:). I know that I can get a shaper for it but would really just rather get something different for now.

    I am still really leaning towards the lockit. At least I have a couple days to decide...