Just got back from Shirise...

  1. All pre-fall colors, still. Ink was amazing....absolutely stunning. I haven't seen it in person before ...wow...better than the pics.

    There was definate variation of leather quality. Some thin and veiny, some thick and nice. Varied alot bag to bag. I've heard this already, but, I still was surprised at what I saw.

    David said to mention that they're now saving boxes (as in packaging) because they had so many requests at the last sale. However, unless I'm imagining - I didn't think they had as much stock. Not as clear there will be much left over this time around.

    They didn't have any Works or Weekenders. :crybaby:

    And I don't want to have one favorite bag because I'm still ~5 weeks away from saving the $$. We'll see what's there then. Should have all the F/W colors....if they start getting 'thick and smushy' again, this could be good...
  2. did you see any ink twiggys by chance? and how was the leather on the ink? thanks!
  3. Thanks Summertime for the update. Can you tell us what ink they had in stock?
  4. You know, I just checked the swatches on atelier-neff. I *think* I was looking at Blueberry, not Ink. Sorry for the confusion. I had forgotten about Blueberry. It is an AMAZING blue. THe swatch does it no favors.

    They didn't have any S/S colors left, sorry.
  5. They had sapin, caramel, black, white, blueberry and grenat in firsts, cities and couriers (give or take exceptions - no grenat or blueberry courier, for instance). They had an amazing Greige Twiggy - medium veiny - not as nice as the sapin but better than the blueberry.

    The sapins and blacks have very nice leather - not veiny. But the caramel and blueberry was veiny and thin. Both still stunning colors though. My fav was the blueberry, frankly.

    They had very few large bags - no works or weekenders as I mentioned. I was surprisingly searching for the XL Courier and that's not there, either. Although I'm not sure it's out yet.

    They didn't have Blue India or any new sort of caramel. I think anyway. If what I saw is the F/W caramel it didn't look 'apricoty' to me at all. It was a nice medium brown. A bit lighter than cognac, but very similar.
  6. Oh, no rouge, no blue india.
  7. blueberry sounds dreamy! too bad it's thin and veiny! i think with the new bags, it's probably the safest to buy them in person, so you can pick the leather you want....too much variation!

    Thanks summertime for your detailed inventory list!
  8. Yes, I agree. I have now eliminated the possibility of buying over the phone unless it's one of those awesome reps who 'gets it'. THe bag to bag variation is too great.

    Also, some colors just didn't get 'cleaned up' as well as others from what I see. That's always been the case - some come out more crackly.

    Oh well. I also think I'm switching my allegiance from a Work to a Courier. Coat season is coming up and I'm not going to be able to fit a WOrk over my coat. So....back to the Courier, which was what I was thinking a few months ago when I first wanted a b-bag. I just haven't found the right color yet.
  9. My head is spinning. :upsidedown: Even though I think the courier is a humongous, I would still like to join you when you are ready to go shopping.
  10. I know, I know, I've changed my mind 20 times. But you know, after looking this spring I did the same thing...changed my mind 20x and then landed on the Courier. Frankly, the answer is, I can't have just one b-bag. I'll need the Courier AND the work I just haven't admitted that yet.

    David recognized me from a few months ago as a 'purse forum gal'. Too funny. He's a nice guy. But did you also think they aren't carrying as much b-bag stock as before?
  11. Love Shirise. I bought quite a few pairs of shoes from their sale.