Just got back from seeing Amarante in person..wow

  1. Ok people...for those of you who have not had the opportunity to see the Amarante collection in person, you must!! The color is absolutely amazing!!! the SA let me walk the bag over to the window so that I could see how the light captured the bag...it's such a beautiful color. I can't wait to get my sunset blvd and I think I'm going to get the hudson.
  2. Aha! I went to Saks at lunch today to do the same thing! I want the Rosemont. (Groceries or LV?)
  3. I'm planning to do it over this weekend. Kind of worry about the fingerprint problem that other TPFers are mentioning...
  4. It is really pretty IRL- got the inclusion pm bracelet :yahoo:
  5. I really need to take the short walk over to LV and check this out, because it is getting rave reviews!
  6. agree, i saw it last night for the first time, the color is fab...
  7. I need to go check it out for myself! It looks stunning in pictures, so I can't imagine in real life.
  8. Is Amarante for this season only? How long wil it last? Cos I will need to get my lockit first. ;/
  9. It is so pretty. I got to try one on today.
  10. Oh I they have the rosemont in 2 weeks...:sweatdrop: Can't wait!
  11. I walked in and saw shelves of the beautiful amarante collection......the Summit bag is TDF! Picked up the one and only Sunset Blvd after oggling the Inclusion bracelets.
  12. Yes, I did the same thing this morning!! My SA and I walked outside in the sunshine with the Amarante Summit Drive. The color is so divine! Absolutely breathtaking!! I had to take the Summit Drive home!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    I actually don't care too much about the fingerprints --- you're given a little cloth to buff it out and make it shine again.
  13. Yay! I just got a call from my SA and she is holding Sunset and key chain for me!!:yahoo: Since Berkeley has been so mean to me, I must get some Amarante therapy you know...
  14. Great news! Do you happen to know the price of the rosemont? I think someone mentioned $1000 earlier...I guess I am hoping it is not!
  15. Can someone post a pic of the Rosemont? I haven't seen it before :confused1:.