Just got back from Pottstown, PA

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  1. I have been to Pottstown many, many times since it first opened and today was the FIRST time I ever bought anything! and boy did I buy a lot! For those of you thinking of making a trip, they had lots and lots of Poppy. I do not know that line, but they had lots of patent leather and signature bags. My daughter got a tote in black patent to use for work at a great price. They also had lots of Maggies and Sabrinas--Maggie in JADE and Sabrinas in fabric and Perriwinkle as well as some of the other smaller bags from the Madison line in Jade. I also saw some Audreys and got one in Jade. Now, you folks make me aware of how much I don't know, but I am certain of what's here. If you have a trip planned, I would suggest calling. Every time something got picked up by a customer, another one came out from the back so there's plenty there for all of us. I hope this is helpful.
  2. wow. I can't believe limerick got audreys! I'm so on a ban...so I am going to ignore that you posted this...
  3. stopped into limerick today. A few pink sig audreys w matching wallets. Copper leather audreys, copper leather claires, brown sig maggie, pink sig maggie, jade hailey's, jade madison patent wallets, copper madison wallets, plum mini skinny, jade/black/periwinkle wristlets, 2 gorgeous tattersall cashmere scarves (1 grey, 1 white) $70. (had to make myself put it back)
    Lots of poppy
  4. Has anyone been to Limerick lately? I have to go to Philadelphia later this week and wondering if it is worth the trip.
  5. I just updated the Limerick thread....its beat. Nothing FP. I asked the sales girls...they said maybe tomorrow or wednesday they will get something. This has been a slow month for them with FP bags.
  6. *Bump* Has nebody been here lately???? Any updates???
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