just got back from Paris - CHECK OUT MY CELINE HAUL!!

  1. Gorgeous goodies! Love them all. Congrats!
  2. Wow I Love it all, Congrats
  3. Congratulations on your haul - I love your sandals and Nano Luggage!
  4. Thanks ladies :flowers:
  5. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  6. btw. i wanna ask.. wats teh difference between vermillion and coquelicot? are they the same color?
  7. Vermillion is an orangy red whereas coquelicot is a bright red without the orange undertone. They are both gorgeous colors.
  8. i see. =) heee.. just prdered a coquelicot nano. Cant wait to see the bag!! :p
  9. Dear Kbella86!
    I LOOOOVEEEE your blog and your style!!
    Lots of Love from Holland!
  10. Thank you :smile:)))))
  11. Do you know anything more about the sale?

    THAT bra is amazing. Do mind me asking how much it was? I'm actually flying to Paris today and I want it!
  12. Love your purchases.
    I saw 3 phantom , one in smooth black , souris and stamped croc in Negev Ann city store but no nano ...
  13. Everything is so nice ! I really like the top !
  14. Wow... just saw your blog and I love all your outfits, and the sunglasses, they fit you so well. What style/model number are they??...I need to purchase them right away. Thanks!
  15. So envious of the ID necklace !!!!!!