just got back from Paris - CHECK OUT MY CELINE HAUL!!

  1. Thank you so much :biggrin:

    Barneys in Chicago has the ID necklace!
  2. Yes I'll try to take one today!
  3. Fantastic haul! We were in Paris at the same time! It's amazing how much less French items cost there, including Celine! I was a little bit outraged since in Canada the prices are even more inflated.
  4. modeling pics of the necklace:


  5. Thank you! and it's crazy right?!! I'm lucky to have a friend in Paris that sends me things so that I can get them cheaper than in the US. The up charge is ridic!
  6. love everything.. as well as the marant pant! been wanting the same pant in cobalt!

  7. Thank you!
    They didn't have my size in the cobalt sweats :sad: but i"m happy with these, I think they compliment my skin tone well..
  8. Love everything you got especially those shoes :love:
  9. Oh dear!!! Sooooo sexy !!! :Ty:
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    Love the necklace ID and how well it goes with your outfit. may i ask how much you bought your cute celine bra?
  11. What was the price of those shoes, if you don't mind me asking? I'm going to the Celine boutique in Miami next week..hoping they have them in any color!!
  12. wow.i love the nano
  13. I don't mind, they were 450 euro
  14. Thank you, the bra was 550 euro :smile:
  15. love all your new goodies... The celine bra looks captivating on u :heart: congrats!!