just got back from Paris - CHECK OUT MY CELINE HAUL!!


    I just got back from 6 days in Paris and I got a little shopping done :graucho:

    Check out my new additions to my Celine collection!

  2. My Nano Luggage in Vermillion!!!

  3. [​IMG]
  4. My beautiful Celine bra

  5. Modeling pic:

  6. Celine ID necklace!!!!


    I love this necklace so much!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. And last but not least...

    my new celine heels - my blue suede shoes :smile:

  9. Modeling pic of the shoes with my balmain sequin pants :smile:


  10. love them all Kbella!!! you snag some cool items there!!! the cobalt sandals... my oh my!!!
  11. Thank you! I'm afraid that I got the sandals in a half size too small so I'm really mad at myself :sad:
  12. Wow! Amazing haul!
  13. i think they look just fine... got me some cobalt sandals a few months back from zara: they came in 4 colorways.. reminded me of celine.. so i bought all the colorways... have 2 celine sandals right now.. would love the chain one though!!! did you see that anywhere?

  14. Congrats........I have a mini in vermillon & the colour is amazing & gets a lot of compliments.......enjoy your new beauty
  15. ack! i absolutely LOVE everything! :nuts: and you are gorgeous! :girlsigh: