Just got back from NYC....

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  1. Had a great time! Geez, I love being there.

    Went to the store on Madison Ave and bought a Legacy ponytail scarf. Almost bought some signature tennis shoes, but didn't. I was afraid I'd be too hard on them.

    Anyway, we stayed at the Times Square Hilton and walked all the way to Battery Park. We walked thru China Town (love going there) and Canal Street.

    WHY OH WHY aren't the stores on Canal Street shut down? They had fake Coach purses from the spring/summer line. I was shocked to see how fast the fakes come out. Also tons and tons of fake Tiffany jewelry. It was my 41st birthday on Friday so DH took me to the "real" Tiffany store on 5th Ave & I picked out the charm bracelet with the heart ID tag. Of course on Canal Street every woman there was wearing one (99% fake, I'm sure). I had my Coach purse on my shoulder and the store owners would grab me and say, "We have really nice Coach purses upstairs." I about screamed "MINE IS REAL!!!!" Agh, I was so disgusted.

    How can they get away with this??? These aren't designer "inspired" either, they are almost exact copies (except poor quality).
  2. I don't understand it either....

    I actually had a person I work with see my Coach bag...

    Show me her Coach bag...

    And ask me if I got it on Canal St. where they sell Coach bags. :yucky::throwup::mad::wacko:

    Needless to say, I...... whats the word I am looking for... enlightened her? :rolleyes:
  3. My parents know a big high end fashion designer in NYC and shes always offering to get us knockoff bags, when my mom mentions it anymore I just shake my head :nogood:. And what really gets me is the cart in the mall here that has all kinds of bags "inspired by (insert designer)", when I see people stop and look at them I just :rolleyes: and walk on.
  4. My friend recently went from the real deal to fakes. I have no idea why, I think its better to have a small but authentic collection then to have a 15 pieces of crap in your closet.
  5. SO TRUE
  6. I love my Coach Bags and as they are leather most people know that they are real. I would never wear a fake designer bag. It is just not me. I would rather have 2 authentic bags than five fake ones.

  7. I am really surprised that someone who is a high end designer would condone counterfeit bags! :wtf:

    I have been to the Canal St. area several times and these fake handbag merchants are awful-they practically grab you as you are walking by trying to get you to look at their crap. There is no shame in carrying a cute, inexpensive bag but I would hang my head in shame if I had a fake dangling from my arm.
  8. LOL, I think that's the first time i've ever heard of anyone "reverting!"
  9. i just dont get it! i have a small collection of louis, coach and tiffany. all authentic. everyone in my office has the same louis i do, all except one are fake. ocne girl has about 20 fakes. i pointed out she could have bought one real thing for all that.
  10. Yeah, over here in LA we have "Fashion Alley" or "The Alley", formerly known as the garment district.
    I've often pondered about all the fakes and how these people are able to sell them out in the open like that if it is illegal to sell counterfiet handbags.
    I dunno. Some of the bags are so blatanly ugly and fake.
    And this area is flooded with knock off handbags, shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry:sad:
    Anywho, glad your'e enjoying your trip.
  11. That is disgusting! :throwup: I'm so sorry they grabbed you! That is so unacceptable! This is what I would have done- I would have picked up one of the "Coach bags" off of the cart and :bagslap:. I'm glad the rest of your trip was enjoyable though! :party: And congrats on the new purchases :yahoo:& Happy Belated Birthday! :balloon: :drinkup:
  12. Nice I just came back from staying at the Hampton Inn in Times Square (well about 1 block away:smile:) . Yeah I was disgusted by the abundance of fake bags, everywhere in NYC! Oh well. I was just on myspace and this girl had a picture of a bed full of fake bags.. I commented it and I was like YIKES. lol. But I'm glad you had a fabulous time! I love NYC!!