Just Got Back From Nm Trunk Show

  1. omg, there were some lovelies.....but the ones i love are: (don't know specific names):

    1. big cloth "kaliodescope" bag - looks like the denim cabas but in rainbow of colors, also comes in black and white $2,000ish

    2. the big black bow bag...omg....i died....$1895 -- miicrofiber-like material, with the new chain shoulder strap (3 chains together), Mademoiselle clasp, silver h/w: its an actual big bow, not just a bag with a bow on it. so feminine and unique and looks like it would hold as much as the baby cabas does

    3. the super jumbo reissue in dark purple metallic (but subtle metallic) almost caused me to go into a trance - $3100 yikes -- it must be 14-15" across,,,,,exquisite

    4. an updated version of the GST but in a flap - silver h/w (chain shoulder straps) - was in camel caviar but the Chanel rep. said NM will only get it in white and black...so how come they are displaying it in a color they won't carry??!! :confused1:

    anyway, loved the above...they also had orange but too small for me, and with that new plastic link handle that may be a red flag for breakage!

    the S/S bags all felt very light, as well

    oh girls, i am praying for self control...
  2. Thanks for the update! My NM trunk show is not until Mid-March, I can hardly wait!
  3. did you see any of the other metallic colours? ~ :flowers:
  4. thank you for the update :smile:
    did you see the red patent?
  5. Thanks for the report, Purse! That big bow (I think it's called the Love Bow) bag is the one I am looking forward to the most. I am pretty sure I'll be getting this one! :drool: I'm still broken-hearted over that charm tote that got scrapped. :cry:
  6. thanks so much for the detailed description:yes:!we don't get to see trunk shows in -most- continental Europe unfortunately!:girlsigh:
  7. Has anyone posted a photo of that Bow Bag yet? That sounds interesting!
  8. Seahorseinstripes has, I think it's this one:
  9. sound interesting :nuts:,hope someone can post the pics soon :rolleyes:
  10. thanks for the post! I wish I could've made it this trunk show, I had to work...
  11. Thanks for the update. A super purple jumbo flap!
  12. Another TPFer posted pics...I think it's Smooth...but I'm not sure! Either way, credits to whoever posted this, and the SA who gave the pic:


    I seriously didn't understand this bag at all at first but now I get it...it's kind of like a baby cabas with the wrap thing going down the center (yes I'm soooo descriptive) so it's like a bow...I seriously thought the "wings" of the bow were merely two pieces of fabric.

    I really like it...I'd want the small one (since the large is $1895 I'm guessing the small is around $1400-$1600?) but if it only comes in black then I won't consider it because I want to keep a variety of colours of Chanels...
  13. The more I look at that bow picture, the more I like it... I hated the Cabas but like that which is interesting to me.
  14. Oh jeeze, I'm looking at the lookbook pages another TPFer posted and it says the black bow bag is $1850...? I wonder if it's $1895 for the large and $1850 for the small...? But isn't the difference kind of small? I hope it's just a mistake or something.
  15. i'm drying to see the violet IRL