Just got back from Murakami

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  1. i am so disappointed!! the only bags for sale were the mc bags along with one marilyn for 1500 with gold hardware that will be available in stores next month.

    though, I didn learn that the monoflage canvas will be a speedy!! in person, it is really cute and now I can visualize it in a bag. the denim material will be a weekender stlye bag and the other material is the "fantastic tote" with a black handle.

    the store was small!!
  2. That's what I thought. All the bags for sale there are not exclusive to the Brooklyn Museum. They are all MC bags which are available at LV stores and even on eLuxury. This makes the MOCA Neverfull very special then :yes:.

    Even the Monogramouflage bags which will be launched later will also be available at selected LV stores, too. So no hurry.;)
  3. I feel like the East Coast got screwed!! I would have killed for a MOCA neverfull and we don't even get anything limited edition over here? Not fair!!
  4. No offense to the west coast-but NYC is where its at. How could they not have a bag for the exhibit? The SA there told me that the camoflauge is the special bag for the exhibit-how can it be special if its available for sale in other stores 2 weeks after its launch there? BOOOOOO
  5. I totally agree with you, what's the point not to make a special edition bag for the Brooklyn Museum? :confused1:
  6. IMHO LV dropped the ball on this one, plus I wasn't treated all that nicely at the pop up shop anyways...just as I was thinking of coming back to LV...

    BUT Murakami is still a great artist and theyre lucky to have him.
  7. Have you guys seen the fake counterfeit stands? Does the store is located there? is it outside or inside?

  8. OMG! Those pictures a crazy! Is that right outside the museum???
  9. Those were there thursday night for the gala ball. Now the only store is the pop up shop inside of the building.
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  11. I agree. I was super disappointed too. I was going to buy the Multicolor zippy coin purse but they only had the display left and there was a black mark by the zipper. :tdown: I overheard the SA telling another customer that the gold Marilyn is "exclusive to Brooklyn" - I was so excited about this and it was just all a big disappointment. I just picked up some cute stuff from the gift shop and will just wait for the VVN Watercolor Speedy...

    My brother went with me and while I was browsing the bags and upset about no special bag for us, the SA was telling another guy that the gold Marilyn was exclusive to Brooklyn.
    Brother: You heard her? The lady said it's exclusive to Brooklyn.
    *both of us watch her walk over to it and point it out*
    *SA points at gold Marilyn*
    Me: I don't like that...
    Brother: Ew, it's ugly.

  12. The Marilyn with gold trim is not exclusive to the Brooklyn Exhibit either. It will be available very soon at LV stores. Actually, it was already debuted last month at the grand opening of the flagship LV store in Hong Kong.

    I'm surprised that the SA at Brooklyn Pop-Up store did not know about this:nogood:.
  13. I agree...they did have some limited edition artwork incl a canvas of each of the monogram camoflauge. There are 100 made in eachand $3000 for no.1-50 and like 10000 for 51 - 100 which is super exp think. The store did sell lots of cute murakami stuff like stuffed animals but really exp like $100 for a doll.
  14. I agree! The dolls were pretty pricey. I got the Murakami book, some postcards, some buttons, a pin, a mouse pad and a cell phone lanyard thing to make up for not getting a bag. :upsidedown: