Just got back from Macy's - Big Sale

  1. I bought 3 pairs of charter club brushed woven cotton p.j's and 4 charter club cotton night shirts. I live in pajamas and I only like comfy cotton. Somehow when I got to the register, these rang up @ $4.99 each for a total $37.72 with tax - I saved $273.07 off regular price.

    Nothing I wanted on sale in shoes.

    I went downstairs and bought 2 lycra and cotton ribbed turtlenecks one black and one white $6.99 each $15.10 - I saved$25.98

    Stopped at the Lacoste section. I bought Chocolate longsleeve Interlock polo for $31.60. I bought a navy, black and brown longsleeve V-neck baby soft cotton T shirt for $27.20 each. Total for 4 shirts at Lacoste $122.26 I saved $169.80 I would have bought more polos, but I like asize 46 in these and they mostly had small sizes left.

    I had not even planned on going shopping. I did all of this damage in about 2 hours. :yes:
  2. Fabulous deals!! Congrats!
  3. Congratulations ! My SO and i went shopping and grabbed a pair of Ralph Lauren Dress Pants for only $100 !~
  4. Congrats sounds like you got some great deals. I think I might have to go check out Macy's today myself.
  5. I bought a cashmere sweater originally $140-for $28. Just a head's up that they have a One Day Sale on Friday and Saturday of this week. Preview day Friday! It will be an extra 50% off the clearance merchandise. Happy shopping! :wlae:
  6. I went today and they had some nice shoes on sale. I looked at the PJ's but couldn't find any for $5.99. There are some good deals to be had.
  7. I went back today and got pair of Merrell Primo Chill Clogs in tan suede for $49.00 - got them to match Dillards, where I bought pair of Merrell Primo Chill Clogs in Black Suede (these have the lambswool lining). I also bought a pair of smooth leather black Merrell Clogs for $45.00.

    I go for comfort for everyday. I have plenty of Gucci, Prada, etc shoes that I rarely wear.

    I wanted a new pair of Jeans, maybe Lucky or Big Star. Some are on sale. I wear a 12/14 so anyone got any ideas on what jeans are flattering these days?

    I may run around tomorrow. There was supposed to be take an extra 10-15% off coupon in the paper, I did not have it. Also a flyer.
  8. I bought a $280 Wool Coat for 50 bucks yesterday at Macy's on Michigan Ave, Chicago :yahoo:
  9. Congrats!
  10. Thanks! I bought some shoes on clearance for 70% off! Woot woot! But today I got an advertiser in the mail that shows additional 50% off clearance shoes this coming friday/saturday! Does anyone know if I could do a price adjust? It seems like almost everything we bought this weekend will be lower next weekend!
  11. Congrats on your great deals everyone!
  12. Sounds like some great deals! It's tempting to go but I'm trying to avoid more shopping as I just bought two pairs of Born sandals today.
  13. I wanted a new pair of Jeans, maybe Lucky or Big Star. Some are on sale. I wear a 12/14 so anyone got any ideas on what jeans are flattering these days?

    If you go to the website Jeans - Designer Jeans - Top Brand Jeans | zafu.com, it is very helpful you fill in a few steps and they shoot out the jeans and manufacturers that will best fit you. It's great!:jammin:
  14. Probably worth a shot--their price adjustment policy is 10 days, I think.