Just got back from LV!

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  1. And I didn't buy anything! :nuts: But at least my regular SA was there!

    I tried on the black and silver Mahina XS and picked up the denim one! They are all quite lightweight, especially the denim one! I found the black XS to be kind of boring to me because you can't see the perforations unless you look closely. So when you are wearing it, it just looks like a plain black leather bag.

    I also tried on the Bronze and Black XL! They were not as heavy as I expected as I had only held an XXL before which was HEAVY!

    I also tried on the Azur Hampstead MM, the little gold limelight clutch, and looked at the Amarante Heart.

    So I think I'm taking the black XS off my list after trying it on. It's nice, just a little too plain for me.
  2. TOTALLY agree with you about the black mahina XS! I, too, went to LV today to check out the black denim XS (which was SOLD OUT), so I decided to "play" with the black, bronze, and gris mahinas. Wasn't too thrilled with the black, but the bronze and gris mahina XS were TDF! Outta my price range though. So I told my SA to call me in 2 weeks (next paycheck) if she has a black denim XS for me:yahoo:.

    I also tried on the trevi pm, which I was SO tempted to buy, but I compared it to my damier speedy 30, and they're almost the same size, so it'll just have to stay on my Wait List a little longer ..

    But I DID leave with the azur saleya mm and the monogram pulp bandana though:cutesy:
  3. that what i do too... check bags in operson to see what looks and comfy...:yes:
  4. i dont like the black XS too because it looks like a normal bag if you cant seee the perforations.
  5. The silver was gorgeous!!!!!!!! Looked at them today too, the wallet was cuite but didnt like the buckle on it, looked to industrial.....
  6. are you taking the black Mahina XS or black Denim XS off your list?
    And ya, I agree with you if it's the black Mahina...

    PS: "picked up the denim one"..... LOL....
  7. Black XS. The Denim one was nice, but I already have a denim bag so I don't need another one. When are you getting yours?

    Yes that means I picked it up and put it back down. :P

  8. :roflmfao: i did the same exact thing with the mahina xs and xl .. :drool:picked them up, modeled them in the mirror, remembered there was NO WAY i could put my debit card through that much abuse, and sadly sat them back down:Push:

    but here's some pics of today's purchases:

    speedy 3O with monogram pulp bandana

  9. Ooh did you get the denim XS?
  10. July with its confrere Suhali Lockit PM

    but i'll have to be strong to fight off those stray urges that I get from La Prairie, the Loubies, and random makeup junk (which I failed to resist today:sad: **oooh wanders off and gushes at Languid Lagoon eyeshadow***LOL)

    no lol