Just Got Back From Lv Saks-stamped Bag In!

  1. OH...MY...GOD..I just saw and held the most amazing bag EVER..The burgundy red Stamped PM bag..holy moly..its TDF!!!!!!!!!!
    Im gonna have to buy it next week..spent too much today..LOL..its freakin AMAZING...the details are AWESOME..it has a zip on the bottom and the cutest zipped pocket in the front that opens to a key ring...It has a cell pocket and the nicest lining..it looked smashing with anything..its one of those bags that stands out and everyone looks at!!
    Its over 1800 for the PM..they didnt have the greay one yet..I thought I wanted to see that color first...hhmmmm..ANyone else seen it????????????????

    ..its the most gorgeous LV bag EVER.
  2. You went to LV Saks and didnt call me!! BIOOOTTCHHHHH!!!!!!

  3. :nuts: SOUNDS AMAZING!!! Can't wait to check it out!!! How good/bad was red? How small/big is PM compare to a speedy 30? LOL sorry for my 20 questions!!!:lol:
  4. I saw the grey one at the Boston LV 2 weeks ago when I went. I did like it, but I thought it was a little too busy for me. It was very, very cute though. I would have liked to see it in the burgandy, but then I thought.......where am I ever going to go with this bag???? I could just see me and my two kids, trapezeing into TARGET with my LV stamped bag!!!!! Ha ha. :smile:
  5. its a dressier bag..not really an everyday bag..its TDF..I must get it..The red is SMASHING..I cant beleive how great it looked with everything..LOL...I had it in my hands next to the Gucci Britt bag and couldnt decide between the two cuz they are totally diff bags..LOL.....hey..I ended up with Fall Prada shoes and a Prada skirt I adore..will wait till Monday to buy it so PHH doesnt kill me...ROFLMAO...

  6. Oooo. Any pics of the shoes?
  7. Lets see what you bought. Put up a picture
  8. Yeah, I cant wait for the goodies!
  9. anyone have pictures of this gorgeous bag???
  10. I love the style and the color of it (if it is the same one that is on the LV website). I'm not sure yet about the big stamp on it though as it reminds me a little of the big Prada stamp they did. Guess it is something I'd have to see IRL. I'd too love to see pics of your loot from today, that's always fun! :smile:
  11. I will post pics in the Prada forum tomorrow AM..PHH is home..they are in hiding..LMAO....

    The bag is a tad smaller than the Damier Speedy 30..not as wide..but as long.
  12. Soooo funny >> "They are in hiding"!! :lol:
  13. Congrats on your purchases...I thought I was the only one who hides new purchases...
  14. Is this bag limited?
  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.........can't wait to see this :yahoo: I love going in the LV boutique and fondling the new bags. :P