Just got back From LV No longer a virgin! *pics*

  1. Well I was a kid on a mission today. I went to the LV in Roosevelt Feild and they were so nice. I knew what I wanted so i got it quick but couldnt help look around for a while:rolleyes:. I lvoe the Leopard and the groom! But heres a little tease for you. Guess what I got!
    00.jpg pic.jpg
  2. hmmmm....
  3. What is this a joke..
  4. idk...
  5. Looks like a wallet - lemme guess - Mono Canvas Portefeuille Men's Compact Wallet ?

    Looks like either a compact or a Pocket Organizer type (which is my fav of all the wallet formats)
  6. Why would you say that?

    I'm going to guess something from the Groom Collection!
  7. I thought the same thing - thought that statement was a bit 'rude' :sad:
  8. Close but no cigar!
    Its the Damier Pocket Ahenda! Yayayayya Im so in love!:heart:
    9.jpg 8.jpg 2.jpg
  9. Oh I love the pocket agenda in damier! Great choice!
  10. Very nice! Congrats and use it in good health!

    Nice choice, I am a big fan of Damier, & we tend to love these striptease threads.
  12. Hahah I spelt agenda wrong sorry about that. Some more pictures.
    5.jpg 1.jpg 100.jpg
  13. Love it! Congratulations!
  14. Congrats! Great choice for a first LV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Damier :smile:
  15. congrats, i :heart: roosevelt field mall!
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