Just got back from LV- New presents & saw the Look Book

  1. My dh took me to LV today, I was so excited! We were going to get me a new Pomme d'Amour Cles because I had to have something of this color. It is gorgeous!!! While we were there my dh asked if I wanted anything else (of course I said well if you're buying haha)..so he told our SA to get a wapity for me too! I have been eyeing one and he really likes it for our camera.:yahoo:

    So while we were talking my SA was like I want to show you the new Look Book, I'll have to agree it was huge! There was so much to look at. I am not waitlisting for anything this S/S 07 though because nothing really grabbed me. But I do like some of the new perm. collection pieces. I also got to see the new vernis heart, they had it on one of the bags in the pearl color, it was actually cuter IRL, than I previously thought!
    Boxes.JPG Wapity and Cles.JPG Cles 1.JPG Wapity.JPG
  2. Congrats!!! gorgeous pieces!!
  3. Great purchases! Glad you had fun!
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. GORGEOUS!! Congrats Steph!!
  6. Love that Cles! It does totally grab you doesn't it!
  7. you just made me want a wapity....now please excuse me while
    i go change my signature :smile:
  8. Congratulations.
  9. congrats!
  10. Congrats!

    Very pretty Cles and Wapity. :smile:
  11. love your new stuff!!! and awww at your hubby for being so thoughtful
  12. I LOVE your stuff you got!! CONGRATS!
  13. Love the new goodies! Congrats! : )
  14. gorgeous pieces!!!:smile:
  15. Beautiful choices!