Just got back from Louis Vuitton . . .

  1. Just got back from the Louis Vuitton store at Somerset in Troy, MI. Guess what I got . . .
  2. oh nooo.. not another suspension post!! it killssss me, post pics hahah
  3. ^^Hahahaha!
  4. Yes, I can't handle it anymore! Does anybody else see a pattern going on here at the Vuitton forum? Everybody goes out and gets their goods over the weekend and then agonizes us with these guessing threads!
  5. OMG UMM is it a bag?
  6. I didn't know they were selling paper bags now! I did hear that these were best for travelling on a plane! :roflmfao:
  7. I cant tell the size of the bag IRL!!!! WHAT TELL!!!!!
  8. Mmmm, maybe this will help on the size of the bag:
  9. i hate being teasedddddddddddd
  10. Ok so small, a wallet, agena? COME ON? I WISH it was a boosphore bum bag!(IM CRAVING I think I'll have to pick one up soon!) HAHA uMMM COME ON hint?
  11. It's something small . . .
  12. Cles?
  13. Is it groom?
  14. An agenda of some sort?:confused1:
  15. A key ring or a belt.:confused1: