just got back from lesportsac outlet!

  1. well made my weekly trip down to the Waikele Lesportsac outlet. Nothing really new..they still had

    OP bella bella
    OP Luna
    AS dolce
    AS bambino
    AS nuvola

    and a couple of
    Paradiso Bella's

    Could not resist...
    I got me a Paradiso Bella
    with such beautiful placement on the front of
    the bag.

    went to "BROWSE" but when you see
    something you like, got to get it before you miss out and kick youself for it later.

    here it is.


    also the SA said that she thinks since the Tutti has not arrived at Ala Moana that the Pirata will most likely sell out and won't make it's way to the outlet. :tdown:
    Well i have hope that TUTTI will be in and
    PIRATA will make it's way with that wonderful 30% off
    to the LS Outlet!!​
  2. congrats on your new bag! i love the little angel playing video games xD
  3. thanks!
    yah he is one of my faves. but i like the little boxing angel the best!
  4. very cute. I love lesportsac.
  5. You got such an adorable placement!
  6. heh, your bag looks almost exactly like mine lol.

    TWINS, lol.
  7. Congrats on your new bag! Makes me want something Paradiso now too....the hunt begins...
  8. :p :biggrin: Like me haha~ I went to "browse" too, and you know what happened... when all of those bags are staring at you, it's just waaaay too hard to resist :biggrin:
  9. Easy to resist when you're broke :biggrin:
  10. love it, very nice placement
  11. love ur bella! i had sold my paradiso gioco and was thinking about getting the bella..... hope they will still have some when i go to woodbury in a couple of weeks!
  12. djr0658 - congrats on your cute bella and thanks for the waikele update! hmm ... do i want to take a drive out there? ;) hee hee.

  13. :yahoo:too cute! aww my bella has a twin sister! OMG i can't believe it's exactly alike! I even did the side my side comparison.
    I'm glad I wasn't broke when I went today:wlae:.
  14. Very cute, congrats!
  15. Yes, and they live in the same community! lolz...