Just got back from Koh Samui!

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  1. So i just got back from Koh Samui and they had quite a lot of Balenciagas!
    I saw:

    -2 magenta first
    -1metallic magenta first
    -Ink first & city
    -Olive first & city
    -Pale rose city and large courier
    -Emerald large courier
    -Black work
    -White work
    -Bordeaux city (Or at least it looked like bordeaux but was a bit veiny)
    -Lilac city
    -Sky blue first

    So if anyone wanted a magenta or bordeaux better order quick!:biggrin:
  2. Thanks for the report! I saw the bordeaux city when I was in as well. It was a very waxy, veiny bordeaux. Get out the apple guarde if you decide to take the opportunity to purchase! I might have taken the chance if I had read Ranskimmie's post first... No, I would still wait for grenat...
  3. Ceejay where are you? They have a bordeaux!!
  4. oh thanks for the report "F", wow a bordeaux city..yummy!!!:love:
  5. Where is this store?
  6. mmmm... nice little selection they have there! th prices are at retail, right? good deal ladies!
  7. Yeah prices are at retail. The shop is in covent garden susan-eric:biggrin:
  8. They might have a sale later in June...I will give an update if that is true...they put older ones 50% in Dec/Jan timeframe. They even put Paddy's on sale 50% for one weekend as a promotion. I just can't remember the sa I worked with. I called from Texas and she was very sweet and would call me back.
  9. omigoodness, i've never heard of b-bags going on sale :shocked:
  10. ^ b-bags just got put on sale at shirise boutique in chicago a few weeks ago, 20% off. PFers pretty much wiped their entire stock clear those 2 days :biggrin: But yes, it usually doesn't happen, even shirise said that they usually don't include bbags in their sales. I guess sometimes we get lucky
  11. oh dear... a magenta first and an ink first would be nice! hehehehe! u guys are so lucky to live in the States!!! i hope some from the PF goes and gets a b-bag from here!
  12. I purchased my Apple Green First from Koh Samui, but the exchange rate (GBP --> USD) and the shipping are killers!!! It ended up costing me as much as a Work bag here ... YIKES!
  13. Oh...damn!
  14. i ordered a first from koh... i live in the US. the price came out the same for me. my SA shipped it as a gift, so i didn't have to pay duty/custom fees.
  15. just be careful. i have had a bag shipped as a gift from a PFer when we had the MP and still got hit with customs two months later.