Just got back from Hong Kong Chanel...

  1. Just got back from the Chanel at Peninsula Hotel... wanted to check out the purses that I am interested in...

    The black caviar Jumbo in silver HW is just gorgeous, at HKD17900, I like it double or single chain, it looked so edgy with my washed blue Jeans and light grey cardi... I just love it..this is definately on my buying list before the price increase

    Next is the Classic Clutch, they only have it in blacks, the satin and caviar are both HKD7800, the lambskin is HKD8500, tried all 3, all so gorgeous!! The satin is the most black black, very rich in color, but I don't think I'll get this eventually, as much as I like the rich black, it will be definatly be just a night time formal purse for me, and don't want to restrict the clutch to that....then the lamb is sooo soft to the touch, but it has the creases near the rim..below the clasp, SA said all lamb clutches are like that because of the soft leather used...and caviar clutch looks the most versatile, but the black is not as black as the other 2, so I am still deciding.....

    I didn't buy anything, but girlfriend bought the big (in diamond shine black) Paris Biarritze tote at HKD12500(I think), it's gorgeous too..

    They have quite a full range of PB purses, I also saw the long and short reissue wallets, in light silver and dark silver (no chain wallets), classic flaps are mainly black, in medium and E/W...

    Didn't manage to check prices as was too attracted to the Jumbo caviar...

  2. Thanks for sharing IceEarl...
    I am hoping to get another Jumbo flap as well, before the price increase ;)
  3. Wow. another good feedback for Black Jumbo Flap! thanks for sharing too IceEarl. I am actually torn between the Silver and Gold HW. But now i think i like the Silver HW more for an everyday bag. I am definitely buying this bag!

    btw, since you've tried it on double and single chain. isnt it too big to carry single chain? dnt it look awkward? i always thought carrying flap bags by single chain looks only good in 225.
  4. Hi, I am 5'5, the chain is indeed too long if I wear it like the massenger bag across the body, but I think we can tied a ribbon inside the bag to make the chain slightly shorter...I remember some members tried that before..

    be sure to post pics after you get your Jumbo...;)

  5. thanks for your reply IceEarl. and i havent heard of having the chain tied before. but then again, im still new to chanel. thanks. i will definitely post modeling pics once i've bought mine. and dnt forget to post yours too. and btw, i really like your 2005 Anniversary reissue 225. and you look fabulous in your modeling pics. do you still have sightings of it? havent seen any when i went to HK last month. i really want one in 225 also.
    and you have Metallic Black right? coz im actually torn on getting that or the Jumbo Flap.
  6. Hi IceEarl,
    I was in Canton rd., Chanel yesterday, the sa told me that they didn't have any Jumbo caviar flag, but you saw it in Paninsula Hotel, these two store are so near, but it seems that they got different stocks, I think I need to call every store to check out the stocks before I go there. Do you buy Chanel in H.K.? I think they don't have much choices, only some basic stocks and color,but there are many color in U.S. Therefore, the second hand store can mark up the price of hot stocks such as 2.55 reissue, baby cabas., etc..., it's too bad.:tdown:
  7. Hi, thank you. For the anniversary 2.55, your best bet is either the eBay or the 2nd hand shops..as a matter of fact, I just saw one exactly like mine..the black anniversay in size 225...today at one of the 2nd hand shops in causeway bay, HK island, the price is around HKD12500, the owner was willing to give me some discount if I buy it... ;)

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  8. Hi, if you really want to get the Jumbo, quick check out the Chanel at Peninsula Hotel, the SA who served me is Lisa, good luck.

    I haven't bought anything at the Chanel in HK yet..might just do it in the near future...;)

  9. Hi! sent you a PM.

  10. can lambskin be wore messenger style? cuz my aunt got one and it can't
  11. ^Hmm..I am not sure about it tho?

    Anyways, I thought I would chill off a bit after a night's sleep...but woke up thinking about the Jumbo, just called to reserve it....hehe
  12. Hi IceEarl, would you know if they had the jumbo in white caviar with the classic chain? s/h or g/h? TIA
  13. ^ Oh...didn't check that out tho..I might be in the shops again these few days, can check for you...

    Just in case you need to know urgently, here's the number for Chanel at the Peninsula Hotel +852 2368 6879
  14. S, you're now totally addicted...can't stop thinking about Chanel even in your dream :graucho: Actually I feel the same. Already looking for my next one right after my first 225. I feel bad...for my DH:roflmfao:

    Oh, is the SA in HK confirmed the price increase? also on Nov.1? I'll be there on Nov.4.
  15. Hi Ceci....:p..have to really manage this addiction carefully...;) I have been looking for all kinds of reasons to justify for a new purse...since it's my birthday in Sep...so what the hack... tho a new macbook would be a wiser choice...

    The SA said there should be a price increase this year but couldn't confirm on a date... I'll check with the SA again when I pick up my purse..

    Heard from Chanelboy that the price increase in Nordstrom will be on 1 Nov... your 4 Nov trip to HK is quite close to that date huh....