Just got back from Holt Renfrew and LV

  1. And I didn't buy anything! :crybaby: I asked about the red epi pochette I ordered a month ago, and they still don't have any!

    I did end up looking at:

    Damier Speedy 25
    The Damier cosmetics pouch
    Cannelle Speedy 25
    Cannelle, Red, and Blue Jasmin
    Groom Cles
    Pastilles Keychain
    Cannelle Segur pm and gm
    Pink Vernis Reade pm and cles
    Mandarin Alma
    Black monogram shawl
    Min Lin Speedy
    Black epi bucket pm
    Black MC cles

    I have will power! :graucho:
  2. You amaze me with such willpower!!!
  3. omg i would of totally bought something - i wish i was strong!
  4. I liked the pastilles keychain, but $405 is a bit steep for a keychain. :crybaby:
  5. I have ordered directly from LV store & have them ship to Holt Renfrew because they don't have a certain ones in stock. There is no shipping charge at all.

  6. In Vancouver the LV boutique and Holt Renfrew are walking distance from each other! :nuts:
  7. lol. u did a lot of 'sightseeing!!!!'